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Tools of the Trade > Management Practices & Food Plots


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dave 1211:
when and put 16 bags of lime down in the food plots will tiller them over the weekend each bag was 40#  i am to old for this sh     it  --099-780

pell lime? if it's pell lime, you shouldn't need that much. it's just temporary lime to give a boost

i had my butt in the tractor seat for 21 hours the last 2 days. i agree. too old for this

dave 1211:
pulverized lime  did 3 bag with the walk behind spreader but got tired fast so cut the edge of the bag and shuck the bag out  wow 21 hours on the tractor you are nuts

dave- check w/ the co-op you bought the lime from. i was told 100# per acre of pel lime works fine. i use to bust my hump w/ pel lime. there is no residual benefit. it's just a boost

ya. 21 hours of bouncing around has this pooch pretty sore. the good news is there was no equipment issues. so 2 1/2 acres planted in radishes. 2 1/2 acres of turnips will be planted in a couple weeks. i need rain, but big storms are predicted. i hope not or everything will wash away. none of my plots are flat, it's all hills

good luck 

dave 1211:
yep my ph is 5.5 so it has to go up a bit


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