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Bought Mini -14, Ranch Rifle

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 Been trying for a while to find a mini 14 for killing rats. Itís been almost impossible to find a mini 14 or AR - 15 anywhere in the Baton Rouge area in stock, and if you find one, itís going to cost you a premium price. I happened to be talking to my yard man about guns in general and he mentioned that he had 4 mini 14s and several ARs. Well, finally I got around to asking if he would sell me one, he said sure for me, heíd let go of a .223/5.56, he preferred his 30 cal. And his 6.8 over the .223. We made deal and we are both happy. If TSHTF there will be more .223/5.56 around than most other calibers. Plus I have reloading dies, brass and bullets for that. I had a TC pistol that shot .223. Now I have to get to the range. I had to buy a few goodies and now I can play some. I know that the mini -14 is not the best foa accuracy, but at 50 yards or less I should be ok, there is not much long range shooting around my house.

You a good find Bubba the cousin has one and loves it .  ##$%#1118

Puddle Jumper:
You will LIKE it!   @--0--0123


I loved the M - 14, but my main goal was to have a rifle that was dependable and would shoot 5.56 NATO ammo and didnít look like a scary black rifle with a pistol grip and a grip on the forearm. If that fails, there is 30-06.

Bubba - I remember when the first came out...it cause quiet a stir but over time it has proven to be one of those ruger that could stand the test of time....does any remember what other caliber it came in after the 223....it was the 7.62x39mm! I wish I had bought one of them...but I didn't, heck I was into single shots back then and would go near a AR15 or a Mini-14 or anything similar to it...boy did I make a big mistake....but life is full of them...LOL...today I do own of the AR-15, a 300 BO and the 6.5 Gendel and the 6.8 SPC II so a Mini 14 would be out of the question....

So what scope are you going to put on it? a red dot? are you planning on shooting it past 200 yards? What about predator hunting at night? Do you have any thermal scopes??
Will be interesting in following you on this one.....


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