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2021 MI Turkey

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Tagged out yesterday..

Got set up 30 min prior to shooting hours (05:48).  I am hunting from my deer blind that is also a great place for turkeys. The amount of area I am allowed to hunt in this farm does not allow me to run and gun.

By 0530 the tom was gobblng like crazy from the roost, which turned out to be  about 50 yards behind my blind which sits in the woodline at the back of a large farm field.

He gobbled at least 30 times that I counted until a little after 06:00 them he went quiet.  I had done just enough soft calling to let him think a hen was in my direction.  I assumed he had flown down because many of the birds in the area have stopped gobbling once they hit the ground.

I few minues later I see him coming in from my left, all blowed up and focussed on my hen decoy. Despite being in a blind I sat still until he turned away. Then i sat back and got my gun up.   I've been busted too many times when I thought they wouldn't catch my movemeny, even in a blind/pop-up.  Once he enterred my field of  view and turned away again I got my barrel out the window. He turned a few more times before coming out if strut and sticking his head up.  That was my sign and I laid him out right there at about 35 yards.

I ran out and step on on his neck but he was down and not going anywhere.  Got my tag in him and checked my watch, it was only 06:15.

Seemed like it all took a long time to play out but that may be my fastest hunt. 

He was a 21.5 lb bird with a 10" beard and  1"&1.25" spurs. Shot him with a Mossberg 935 using 3.5" Longbeard #5's

Teaser, I tagged out in KY as well. Pics and stories to follow.

Congrats, Mike! Nice job!

nice work. nice bird. congrats

the birds where i hunt roost on the bluffs. there's no way to get that close. i wish i could!

Congrats on the tom .  @--0--0118


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