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got 'er done

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had a great morning. saw 7 jakes, a hen and 12 deer before 11:00. 2 of the deer licked my decoy. goofy deer

there was some gobbling early and then sporadic after that. at 11:00 i sent  out some calls and took a stretch. it was 25 degrees the last 2 mornings and the joints aren't as good as they use to be. sure enough i see toms coming in quiet. i tucked back under my tree and counted. 5 toms and 2 jakes falling all over themselves. it was tough to get a clean shot at a single head. the toms were all bookends, so i didn't care which one cleared first. 3/4" spurs and a 9" beard. probably a 2 year old

yesterday emily came. unfortunately, she had class today. we had an old tom coming hard form behind. the new blind doesn't have a window in the back. otherwise, she would have her first tom. he was gobbling and drumming so close we jumped every time he sounded off. he was back there for 5-10 minutes. he wouldn't come around the back. i saw him circling later. it wasn't the lonest beard, but it was probably the thickest i've seen.

we'll try again between her class schedule. i was hoping she would shoot both of ours. oh well, bird in hand   

dave 1211:
great story love the hunting store

Great story , congrats for the Tom , hope Emily gets her chance for a Tom.  ##$%#1118

Congrats Yari - hope Em gets some free time and good weather to get back out there with you!

Congrats!!  Sounds like a great day in the woods.

I hunted last Sunday. Saw 15 hens and no beards. Only heard one gobble but it was far off and could not call it in


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