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gun safe


i spent 2 hours this morning cleaning and inventorying my gun/multi purpose safe. i found some ammo i forgot about and got pushed to the back. @--0--0118 emily is set w/ ,20 ga for her turkey hunt. my new tract 27x55x80 spotter fit along w/ a few spare scopes

i think i should get a separate safe for documents and ammo. that would really free up space for the guns.

how do you guys handle docs vs guns vs ammo?

dave 1211:
when i worked at the sporting good store most people got a big gun safe to have both in a few had sperate ones for guns and another one for paper and jewelry

I have the 48 gun Cannon Safari safe to replace the old stack-on 16 gun safe. The stack-on is now used for documents and Jewelry, and the overflow from the Cannon. May be in the market for another Cannon soon or similar safe.

I typically don't keep my ammo in the safe (although these days maybe I should) aside from a couple of loaded mags for certain guns.  I have one main safe for my guns, with a couple of pistol hangers under the shelves and a door organizer that holds handguns, some documents, and a few odds and ends (mostly old jewelry stuff now).  We have a small fire safe on the main floor with critical paperwork in it, a small Hornady cabinet with a couple of long guns and a handgun, then a small handgun safe in our bedroom.  My main safe is rated for 16 long guns, I think I have 18 in it at the moment plus a few handguns and other non-firearm stuff.  Always wish I had more room, but regardless of how much I have I'll always want more room I'm sure.


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