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ground blinds

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i'm in the market for a new ground blind. SD winds have claimed 2 of mine. i'm looking for durable poles and construction. ameristep, primos double bulls and cabelas blinds have all failed in SD. maybe i'm expecting too much? anybody try barronette blinds?

i also need some room for 2. emily and i will be turkey hunting together, so a 3 person blind would be best.


I have a Barronette.  Do not recall what model, but it is pretty big.  I bought it from a friend.

Nice blind sturdy construction.  My only complaint is that the windows are a little high.

I would look up the model but it is up at my cabin.

I think that's what my bigger one is too Yari.  I'll have to check tomorrow.  It's about 6X6' square.  Haven't used it a great deal, but agree with MIB's comment about the windows being a bit higher than I'd like.

I have the Primos "Blind Luck", in fact will put out the second one this coming hunting season...the first one lasted about 5 years...and the fiber glass rods came out of the hubs....I guess I could use it and secure the ground and still use it.....but this blind is a good bigger blind...not to big, I can get a chair and a smaller folding table in it....it big enough for a tall person as well....I am 68 inches tall and with boots on I guess I am about 69 or 70 inches tall and have no problems in standing up and either pulling off a jacket or putting one on....

But all the ground blinds will have a shelf life on them...I own also 4 other Primos Blinds they are the 4 ft x 4 ft by 60" size...sort of tight for a guy like me...but you can set these in the middle or no where and they do have a small foot print on them.....But 2 of the 4 rods have come out of the hugs...I have tighten them up some with a Phillips Head screwdriver and that seems to work for a year or two....but these blind do have shelf life to them.....


I use Double Bull Blinds. A bit heavy but roomy. Got a lot of critters sitting in that blind.


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