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2021 Georgia Turkey Season

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With the GA turkey season just 8 weeks away, it time to get the old shotguns out put them in your rest and start cleaning them (mine stays clean) and checking them out and it is time to take them to the range to check the zero of them...yea I know - it is a scatter gun (shotgun). Also it is time to lay your hands on the expensive ammo that you will be using this year...holy cow have you guys priced ammo lately...holy smokes it out of site.....glad I bought mine years ago....

So what I plan on doing in the next week or so is to get the old Benelli's both the SBE II and the Super Nova (both 12 gauge) and both can hold the 3.5" shells. I use the old standard 3" high brass loads....I have about 4 boxes of them (Winchester Turkey Loads #5 shot) so I plan on shooting them about 4 times at the most to save ammo.....

Good Luck Turkey Season...bring home a big one !!!


Im not patterning this year. Consolidating ammo. I have a few boxes if Longbeard that should last me several years.

I'll use std field loads if it comes to it, most my shots are close anyway. Turkey ammo has been too overpriced for too long. I dont need to kill a bird at 70 yards, I've missed too many at 5 yards LOL

Was at one of my favorite local shops yesterday just looking around, the premium turkey loads were $30 or more for a box of 5.  I don't think I'll be paying that.  Have enough shells on hand for a few more years, at 1 or 2 trigger pulls a year it's not going away too quickly.

Ammo prices are crazy right now I have enough to last for ten years . ##$%#1118

Our spring turkey season doesn't start until May, I have enough ammo to last many years also and no need to re-pattern the same shotgun with the same shot every year, unless you are using optics and beating it around from year to year. The model 1300 Winchester has been doing a fine job for me for the past several years.


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