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Ammo - Where to find it....

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Ammo or the lack of it should remind us of what the Obama administration did to us.....it drove up the price...remember that every US federal agency was getting millions of rounds of ammo....I remember the Department of Education got 9 million rounds...where did it all go? did they shot it all up....

Just saw Steve Hornady tell everyone that Hornady is working round the clock to make more ammo since gun sales have gone through the roof.....wow....

But here is my area, nobody has any ammo what so ever.....the big boys put up signs telling everyone that they are out, even Walmart is out of ammo.....I went to one hole in the wall store and they had a few boxes of primers left but not many, only one of two boxes of 100 left...they wanted an arm and a leg for them....I will keep my 10k box of them and just load what I need to shoot this year....

Suppose the range, have not been this year, but it should be sort of quiet this year....what do you think? will go out there in Feb of 2021 and go from there....

Be good, stay healthy.....Bo 

dave 1211:
 ##$%#13  nope no ammo or reload stuff here

There is some at big box stores , but here I reload , all stocked up on powder , primers and bullets here .  ##$%#1118

i heard there is a primer shortage. don't know if it's true

federal said the shortage is due to all the new gun owners. each new owner buys 2+ boxes of shells leading to the shortage

there's nothing around here

4,000,000 new gun owners , a lot of 9mm , small rifle primers are going for 200.00 a thousand if you can find them . --7-8-9


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