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2020 season for yari

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first of all HELLO. i couldn't believe it when i checked in and saw posts. here is my 2020 in a nutshell:

emily's bear hunt kicked everything off. we only had 2 nights because of college. we saw 3 bears, but no boars. the savage 220 was shooting dimes, but didn't get fired. we had a lot of fun though

i left the next week for AZ bow elk. AZ was burned up. no rain since march and 130 days of 100+ temps. my daytime temps were 85-95. IT WAS HOT!! mornings were on fire. were were in bulls every morning. it was too much of a good thing. 99% of the waterholes were dry, so all the elk were so concentrated it was tough to get through the 'smaller' bulls(300-340"). this was a pure trophy zone. i was looking for 350" or better. i had 2 booners at 7 and 40 yards and no shot!. they were huge. i passed on several other including a 6x7 that was past his prime. we called him in 3 times. it was a 15 year wait and worth every bit of the wait. in the end, i didn't kill. i still haven't slept a single night w/o seeing bulls

i had 1 target deer at the cabin. he disappeared 10/13. at home, the only shooter got busted up and lost 1/2 of his rack. no deer shot in WI

SD was great. lots of 140+ bucks to chase. we got 3 of them. the 4th was a mistake. i got a 150" the last day in 75 degree heat. i saw him w/ a doe at 1400 yards. i made a sweaty stalk to 479 yards. i anchored him w/ 2 quick shots. it's funny how you can see your heartbeat moving the crosshairs at that distance. this is my longest shot by 101 yards, so i now have a personal best to beat

as for new equipment, after the SD hunt i decided i needed a spotting scope. it's wide open out there and a good spotter will be invaluable. i picked up a tract toric 27x55x80. wow, they has great glass at 1/2 the price of Leica, swaro... and in my opinion just as good. i can't tell the difference   

there you go. it was a great fall. lots of miles on the truck. i had a blast during a pandemic. i only wish i could hunt AZ every year. if anyone would like more detail, PM me. i didn't want to write a book

Sounds like you and yours had a great fall yari , and welcome back , yes we're back web wise , join the fun .

Puddle Jumper:

Is all I can say!

Good on You!


Congrats on an eventful season. Having fun is what it is all about. @--0--0123 @--0--0123

Wow - sounds like a great year overall Yari.  Hopefully Em can get after a bear again and test out that Savage.

Welcome back by the way!


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