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Deer Season 2020-2021.....

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Wasn't my best season. Only got two deer. Hope to do beter this year where i will turn 80 years old. Going to keep going til i can't!! -0078

My year started out ridiculously slow, wasn't seeing anything at all from the stand during bow season, never fired a shot in firearm or muzzleloader season, but in the last two weeks I've managed to use my two archery tags on does.  It's been a weird year.

My season started out bad back problems , but during the bow season saw one young doe , during the gun season saw 5 does and two bucks but 1 was 1 1/2 years old the other was older 2 1/2 but still to young for taking on the cousin's farm .  ##$%#1118

dave 1211:
i had another bad year had 7 tags again and all i saw were little deer that would give you maybe 20lb of meat is did see deer but it was sad the end of the season we got 25 inches of snow so the only spot i could get to was right behind my house had two deer bedded 30 yards from my stand scared them out walking to it

Puddle Jumper:
Went to my Still Hunting Club one time, saw nothing there.

My hip was hurting too back for the hour drive to my Dog Hunting Club, did not go there.

Went behind our house and limited out with two bucks, all we are allowed (Limit) this last year.  A 8 and 6 pointer.



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