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Buck Down!

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I have a Facebook page entitled Reflections in God's Great Outdoors that I use to publicize my devotional books and share hunting stories with many people not hunters. I am sharing this as I wrote it there!

Archery Season 2020 - Opening Day

The following pictures tell the story but not the whole story.On opening morning I had two bucks come in right before daylight. Several minutes later it is was light enough to shoot but the one buck was smaller and the other deer i could tell had antlers. But he had on his dark grey winter coat and I could not pick a spot with the crosshairs on my scope. The little black lines just blended in with his dark coat so I had to pass on the shot and he walked away shortly after. Through out the remainder of the morning I saw five turkeys, a red fox and a doe with her two small young ones. Not a bad morning in the woods!
For the afternoon hunt I was in my stand at 1:20 PM and didn't see a deer until around 7:10 PM. This time of the year the deer abandon their daylight trips for movement right before dark or right at sunrise. Suddenly a deer appeared through the brush and it was a buck! As it came in and began to feed, I couldn't tell exactly what the rack looked like as he was feeding facing away from me. He seemed really nervous about what was out ahead of him and kept bringing his head up quickly frequently looking some something he didn't like.
Once he turned broadside for a minute I could see he was a nice buck but he suddenly began to feed looking in the other direction not offering a shot and then walked away. In the meantime the five turkeys came walking through as well as a doe and her young ones. As they were feeding, I took a moment to look around and there was a deer bedded down not more than 10 yards from my stand! As I watched, it was the same buck and began to rub his antlers on some trees to scrape off his velvet. At the same time I heard a large buck rubbing his antlers on a tree not far away. Now the question, should I wait and see if the bigger buck come in? I said to myself, if that buck that is near my stand comes in and offers me a shot, I will take him. He is a nice buck and I would not mind dragging him to the skinning shed! Well, he came in and offered a nice broadside shot and I took it! He was found not more than 50-60 yards away.I see backstraps, tenderloins and deer bologna in my future!
I am so humbled to be allowed to hunt on this private land and for God giving me this opportunity! He is so good to me and I am so undeserving of all He has done for me. Not just in the woods, but in my entire life. His grace and mercy is overwhelming! How could we not live for Him?
I am still trying to process everything that happened in the woods yesterday! My day started at 3:15 AM when the alarm went off and ended around 11:30 last night. My adrenaline is still rushing through me! Above it all, I am thankful to the Lord for the passion to hunt and the blessings He allows me to experience in the woods! All glory and praise to Him!

What an awesome day you had in the great outdoors. I know you have been watching this deer for some time now, I'm glad all the pieces of the puzzle came together for you. You have been blessed with a great property to hunt. Good Luck with the rest of the season. The pressure is off now, enjoy.

What a great story of a great day in the woods!  I normally would be on the way to church at this time for Sunday School. SS had to be cancelled because the pump on the well went out, only worship service at 10:30 with no water.
I agree with with you completely concerning God's graciousness to us, even in our outdoor activities!
God bless you as you continue to honor Him.

Puddle Jumper:
Great Buck and Story!


Congrats on the buck and a great story of the hunt .  ##$%#116 %^$^


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