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Championships & Contests > 2020 Varmint Challenge

Now this one was a challenge


A couple weeks ago as dad and I were going out to turn the bin fans on we had something moving around in the weeds and we were able to find a hole going under the drying fan, not impressed. Needing to get that little sucker out of there quickly I found the live traps and baited one up and set it next to the fan, after a few days of no luck and no sightings I figured the fans running all day scared him off. Until I spotted him next to the back deck of grandmas house, and of course there was no way to shoot him, from one end id be shooting towards the store and from the other I had no sight line until he got out into the yard and then the barn would be behind it. My only option was to go into the house and open the kitchen window for like a 8 foot shot either under or between the railing. So as I was doing chores the other day I spotted him sitting on the ramp to the deck so I went home got the gun and key, went in through the front of the garage, into the kitchen and waited a few minutes and  bingo.

They can be cagey. Are you using a live trap? My nephew told me he trapped 42 chucks one summer, but he was using body hold traps, right over the holes.

Congrats on the double! I got my first one in 20 years today. (*&^&%# (*&^&%# (*&^&%#

nice work. keep going


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