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A great way to start your saturday morning


This morning, while fixing my coffee befire takibg puppy-pooh out for her morning walk, I spied a wiodchuck peeking out over the ramp to the barn. A whike back, I had set up a couple of cement blocks up, so any woodchuck had to go up and expose itself above the ramp, instead of just taking cover behind the ramp. Grabbed my axis and boots, and went out the front door, to my favorite shooting spot. As I easedaround the corner of the garage, I could see the chuck had not moved. Took aim, and when the cross hairs settled, I squeezed the trigger.    ()*$%RT Immediately, the chuck dropped out of sight. When I got to it, it was moving slightly, and for a second or two, I was afraid it was going to run back under the barn, but the chuck was done in. I have to download my varmint rounds some. A 55 gr spire point at 2900-300 fps (published speed ) are simply too destructive. This time, it was so bad, I didn't think I could take abd post a "tasteful" picture. So I don't expect to get credit for the kill, but just wanted to share the experience. I did get my morning coffee afterwards, puppy-pooh got her walk, and everything is back to normal now.

nice work. you are making your move. keep after em

Well done Louie!  The chuck whisperer strikes again.


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