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Guess it was just a good day here in Michigan


Well I guess I just couldn't be outdone by MichiganLouie, I went out this morning to check the fire pit and kick the coals around before going to do chores and I kept hearing something moving behind me in the weeds id sprayed the other day but thought nothing of it. As I finished and turned around to take a look just in case, wouldn't you know what runs across the mowed area over to the other section of weeds. As nonchalantly as I could I walked to the house and grabbed the trusty .22, came back out and there he still sat and that was the end of him. A few hours later as my son was out putting clothes on the line he comes in saying he saw another by the garden but there was no sign when we went back out. So after evening chores as I'm walking up the drive after grabbing the paper, trying not to get too wet I happen to see a rather dark spot over by the trusty old grain bin, went in and grab the .22 again and it does its job yet again, he managed to get down the hole but not so far that a little fishing with the old 2 iron couldn't overcome.

whacking and stacking. keep going

Good job! Congrats!!

OK, you gotta take the next one with the 2 iron - no gunpowder allowed.  Gotta do something to give the chucks a chance!


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