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Looks like Millers 800 took pity on me and sent a woodchuck my way. Boy, those short little legs made fast time. Shot this one exactly in the same spot as the previous one. Apparently, they have tunneled underneath my barn, and come out to feed. They seem to come out right next to the ramp. No hole, the barn is prebuilt and it's built on a 12x20 base. I closed off one end, leaving one opening, and placed 2 cement blocks in such a way, the woodchucks have to expose themselves either going out or returning. I spotted d this one from the kitchen window and went out the front door, and over by the garage. It had moved away from the barn, so even though I could see it, I didn't have a clear shot, then it got spooked by a very loud truck going by, and went behind the barn. I rushed around the house, trying for a better angle, if it was behind the garage. It was, but on full alert. No way I was going to get a shot, so I made my way back to the house. Once inside, I could see its head peeking above the ramp. Went back out, by the garage, tried to steady my breathing, got a good sight picture and touched it off. It was DRT!

wow, we have a competition. nice work


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