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The kids bought me a borescope for Christmas, one that plugs into your smartphone or computer.  It has been sitting on the desk since then, I finally took a few minutes today to try it out.  This is a Teslong borescope, I think it was an Amazon purchase, and I believe the link below is the one I have.  It has a 5mm tip so it can be used in a .22 caliber bore (even a little less).  It has a mirror tip to enable it to look sideways (like at the lands & grooves inside a gun barrel) or that mirror can be removed to enable you to look straight on at something (like looking at a piston crown when you put the camera down through the spark plug hole).  Setup was easy, literally only 2-3 clicks on the PC.  For the phone I had to download a free app, which didn't work for me, so then I grabbed another app which worked fine.    I took a couple of screen shots with my phone, showing the bore of my P89 9mm (a whole lot dirtier than I thought it was) but I can't figure out how to post them yet.  Overall, I'm impressed so far and would recommend it as a decent buy for $50.  I think this will be a great tool for checking out the cleanliness of the bore on that Hawken style rifle I just built.


looks interesting. let us know how you like it

Puddle Jumper:
Looks interesting.
Heads up to others on the following I read at the Amazon link you furnished.

【Photo and Video】Our software app gives you the ability to capture and store both still photos and video to either your computer or phone/tablet. However, it does NOT support iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire!!!

Also saw this.
【Attention】In order to avoid damage of the inside of the probe from tight or excessive bending, the new package has a bigger case and it won't contain the portable bag.


The "new case" they speak of is a cardboard box.  There are an amazing number of apps out there for this type of camera, suspect by now something would be available to support apple product.

This is the time of the year that I get mine out (actually it has been out for a little over a months now) and check out my bore whether or not that I clean my rifles good or not...A hint, I let my bore dry out for about 30 minutes before putting the Lyman or Hawkeye down the bore of the rifle....if you don't let it dry, then you will get a glossy and a false reading when you look down in it.....


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