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Gone Hunting.. > Gone Fishin'

proud, but humbled, pappa

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took the family on the boat today. last night I caught 20 walleye, kept 3 and let a chunky 22" go. today, Emily caught her first 6 walleye limit ever. last week she caught her first 3 walleyes ever! talk about a steep learning curve!!!!!!!!!!!!. she caught 15 walleye today!! I COULDN'T BE PROUDER. this isn't a canned Canada fishing trip. limits are very rare this year. even the guides are happy w/ 1/2 limits. she was smiling ear to ear

now for the humble pie. I caught 8 total walleye and ZERO legals. I couldn't have been prouder

this is one instance when covid paid off. normally she would be working a 12 hour day at a restaurant. she was a workaholic. she's not excited about the lack of funds, but we are all having a lot more fun together. personally, I like this a lot more

dave 1211:
family is more important then money

Yeah, that's about the only good thing I can say about the Covid insanity - we are getting more family time.  Got my oldest married off yesterday in a small ceremony, but was good to get family and friends together. 

Congrats to Emily, hopefully you can convince her to go out on the boat more often Yari!

mad- we have a weekend event on the boat weather permitting. my wife does the netting and 'we' do the catching. my wife reads while we fish and discuss the crazy world we live in.

i miss a few things due to covid, but i really enjoy the family time. not complaining at all

Sounds great nothing like family time. Sounds like she snatched the pebble from your hand fish master!!! --099-780 --099-780 Awesome!!


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