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Planting advice


King Ben:
I'm going to plant several plots with the grain drill this year and cannot find a consistent answer on row width for milo.  My drill is on 6" spacing.  Any idea the width which to plant (15", 20", 30")?  I will round to the closest number by closing some of my downspouts.  Also, the ground is not irrigated.  Thanks in advance for any advice! 

I googled it and they said row spacing 36-40". seed planted 1-3" apart. 1-2.5" deep

I wish I had practical experience, but never planted it before. good luck

Milo and Millet are about the same thing.  The times we planted millet for the cows summer grazing, we planted it with a regular row crop planter on 36" rows.  Doing so allowed us to cultivate it as it was growing and at some point we turned the cows on it to graze.  The cows would only be allowed on the millet for a couple of hours each day, then moved back onto the Bahia grass pasture.  Once the millet was grazed down to a point, after several weeks depending on the number of cows, we would side dress it and in a week or so it would provide  grazing once again.  I've not planted it for deer feed but a few seasons we did let it mature and make seed for a dove field.  Frost puts a stop to this type of plant growth, in fact it is related to corn.
I suppose if you are planting strictly for a food plot the 6 inch rows would work just fine.
As I recall it responded to ammonia nitrate (34-0-0) very well as a side dressing after planting over 4-12-12, just like a corn crop.
Probably look up dry land milo and see some good info on weed control, etc..
Another thing that just came to mind, planting in wider rows results in cows mostly walking the rows to graze which means less plant damage by being stepped on.  That might be a consideration when using it as a deer plot. @--0--0117

Milo/Millet/Sorghum are all pretty similar.  Brother in law used to grow quite a bit of it, and drilled it in fairly narrow rows but that was in very fertile black river dirt (silt) with decent rainfall throughout the growing season.  Depending on your soil fertility and moisture expectations, you would perhaps need to pull back on the seeding population a bit - once you determine a reasonable seed population per acre, the row spacing isn't all that critical (use a row spacing that is convenient based on your equipment, provided you can reach the right population).  Putting a link below to a decent article from University of Kansas - here's a key statement from that article:  "Seeding Rate - In most situations, the sorghum seeding rate should remain the same on a per acre basis regardless of row spacing. Seeding rate should be based on the yield potential of the field and environment."

Here's the link:  https://www.sorghumcheckoff.com/news-and-media/newsroom/2019/02/12/optimizing-row-spacing-for-sorghum/

I grew some here once as it was part of a gamebird food plot mix - the deer really hammered the stuff.


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