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Florida hunting Deer & Turkey

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Well, a few weeks away to May and my great escape to retire to SW Florida.

I checked out a hunt club on FB. Property was large, folks were fun but $2k for an annual lease is above my pay grade

I figure I have to travel north of Central Florida or west to panhandle.

I could keep my driving to daylight hours I can do 8-10 hour drive, max. I used to haul butt to my old buddy’s stomping ground when I was younger but a drive to Geiger, Alabama took two days. After being on too many crash calls with the FD in my career, I know not to push a drive. Nod out for 5 seconds is not a good thing in a moving vehicle.

Anyway, does anyone know of a turkey/deer hunting club that may be open to an old coot like me?


up here, there is a hunting lease network. they lease several pieces of land in different states. it would be nice, because you aren't limited to one state or piece of land. google it in you area. might work out

There surely ought to be affordable leases near your new home.  Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find out what is going on.  Gun shops, feed stores (local establishments not the Tractor Supply type) are some of the folks who will know who is into hunting.
Another place would be talking to FWC employees, especially the law enforcement folks (game wardens), they probably know more than anyone who manages leases on private property.
The Wildlife Management Areas in Florida cover almost 6 million acres.  Go to myfwc.com and you'll find info on those areas.  There are all sorts of different rules and regulations on the different areas and there are several in southwest Florida.
It's been close to 50 years since I hunted on a WMA and since that time much of the once coveted private lands have been included in the WMA network.
I just spent a few minutes and googled "hunting lease in southwest Florida", there are lots of pages to sort through but probably some information to help you figure what may be available.
I believe I mentioned once before, somebody in one the Fire Departments down there has got to be a hunter.
I do hope you find a place close to home and Florida hunting will probably be a learning experience that will be enjoyable.

Hunt Master:
I grew up in south Alabama and most of the leases are large because almost all of the land available for lease is pine tree plantations and the timber companies dont like to split up those large tracts. The average cost to join one of those clubs is $1500 to $2000 per year.

No leases found down here. Up in the panhandle $2k +

That I can not afford.

May have to sell off all my rifles and shotguns, bow, crossbow etc.


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