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Protein Feeders

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King Ben:
Well we decided to make the move from the battery spin corn feeders to gravity fed protein feeders.  Quite honestly, we only used the battery spin feeders to tag a few does as the hogs mess the whole area up every time.  We prefer to hunt food plots.  We put one 50# bag of corn in first to get them used to it then four 50# bags of 20% protein pellets the rest of the way (250 lbs total although it said it is 300 lbs).  These are Banks Feeders.  We put a 6" PVC pipe over the 4x4 to keep coons from climbing the post (by the way, coons can be hunted year round in OK now).  I will give it a few weeks then put cameras on them to see what's happening.  The reason behind the change is, I have multiple pictures of three separate bucks from last year to this year with minimal, if any, growth (including the one I killed).  Let's see what happens!   

dave 1211:
what no white stuff on the ground

Ben - how old do you think that big dude was that you took last year?  Might have been getting to his full potential?  Will be curious to hear how your results work out on this, and if the hogs learn to bang around on the post to get the pellets to drop to the ground. 

Knocking off coons year round will probably be a good thing for your bird populations out there - - would expect the turkeys, quail, pheasants, and any other ground nesters will be glad to have fewer predators eating their eggs.  I knock them off whenever I can but I think all of the tree frogs and bullfrogs around my pond are calling in every coon in the county - seems like an endless supply of them here (like your hogs, but a little less messy).

I wish they were legal in WI. bears would destroy them at the cabin, but around here it would be nice. I hope it works for you

Puddle Jumper:
Sounds like a plan to me.

I take my spin feeder down a month before deer season so the big bucks who do not know the area will come in.
I have pictures of does looking up at my feeder when I put it back out and you can tell they know I had not put corn in it yet.
I'm still trying to train my does to come in the morning, they love evening and I hate hunting then!   @--0--0105

Good Luck.



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