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I stopped by the local shop today. I normally only stop in once a year. I needed some bumpers for my Mathews and to retie my peep. $20 and I was done.

the owner is a good guy and was giving me a tough time for my LX which is maybe 15 years old. I told him when I draw a AZ elk tag we can talk. we looked at the new models. WOW are they short and fast. space age looking bows and expensive. by the time I would walk out, it would be $1500. YIKES

anyway, he's heading to AK on a moose hunt w/ 4 guys next week. i'm jealous. 1 1/2 hours of BS'ing about AK and I was out w/o a new bow. they do look pretty nice.

anyone else bite the bullet and get a new bow?

The last new bow I bought was 8 years ago (Hoyt Alpha Max) and it was $1300+ out the door. I did get a free "Team Hoyt" camo hat with it.  --099-780 I'm still hunting and shooting with it and see no reason for purchasing a new one at this point in my life.  %^$^

They are nice for sure. I'm still shooting my 20 year old Clearwater, and unless my shoulder gets a lot better I probably won't upgrade as I spend more time now hunting with the crossbow.


--- Quote from: Madgomer on September 06, 2019, 09:59:13 AM ---They are nice for sure. I'm still shooting my 20 year old Clearwater, and unless my shoulder gets a lot better I probably won't upgrade as I spend more time now hunting with the crossbow.

--- End quote ---

i have a buddy that was having shoulder issues pulling his 10 year old matthews bow back. he tried a new matthews and couldn't believe how easy it pulled. he could get more speed and easier pull at 55# vs 70# on his old bow. that said, he could still pull the new matthews at 70# w/ ease and no pain. might be worth a trip if you want to get away from the xbow

what is a clearwater bow?

Clearwater Archery was a small bow producer back 20 years or so ago, I haven't looked lately to see if they even exist any more. (Just did - apparently Clearwater merged with Storm Archery, but then the Clearwater brand was phased out)  The guy who owned my favorite pro shop at the time introduced me to them and I was pretty impressed.  Actually met the owner of Clearwater at a local event, great guy.  This was about the time Matthews came out with the SoloCam, and Clearwater apparently had some sort of license agreement with Matthews to use the technology on their bows.  I was impressed at how smooth and consistent it was vs my High Country Sniper that I had before.  That High Country was a never ending hassle for me - I was constantly fighting with timing issues and the other pro shop I bought it from was unable to address it successfully.  Finally gave up thinking I could tune it well enough for broadheads & field points to hit the same mark, so I used two sights, one specifically for my field points and the other for broadheads.  As I've mentioned before, my hunting ranges are crazy short, so it wasn't a big issue in terms of field accuracy - I don't think I ever shot a deer with that High Country beyond 15 yards, several were inside of 5 from the base of the tree.

My bro in law bought a used Matthews last year, it was about three years old and was one of their top models - Agree with what you're saying about how those newer bows pull, his was very nice.  My Clearwater has a pretty tight pull initially, but then has 75%-ish letoff.  I could definitely see the value in a slower ramp even at the expense of lower letoff.  Might have to think about that.  If the shoulder is stable I can get away with it, but if it's going to continue to degrade I should probably just stick to the Xbow.


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