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Bear Bait

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Besides hollowed out stump. What  type of natural bait site do you use? Any advise would be helpful. I'm new to this. Hunting on public land so can't haul hollowed out stump with 4 wheeler.

If you can find a blown over tree with the roots sticking up you could dig a hole back in the back and bait it up.

I make a 'V' w/ blow downs so he has to present a shot. blow down or boulder would work as the point of the 'V'.

get off the road, the dogs will run first this year so you want to be off any access. also, don't bait too soon or too much. they will go to sleep early if they get full

good luck

dave 1211:
we can't bait in new York and with all the rain food is everywhere

Thanks for the info. Like the blow down idea. Just couldn't handle rolling or hauling a hollowed out stump through the woods for 3/4 of a mile.  Got three areas scouted out. Plan on starting to bait August 1st. My tag is for Zone C. Its bait only. Sorry, should have mentioned that. Sorry, for the slow response. Didn't have the Internet for a couple of days. Was out for a walk the other day and found a flat rock. Bought it home. Sounds like I got a good use for it now.


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