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Advice in purchasing bow next year

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Looking at purchasing a new left handed compound bow next year and wanting to spend between $600 to $700.  Have always shot Hoyt bows but would be open to Mathews as well.  Any recommendations for this price range?

Just shoot as many as you can and pick the one you are more comfortable with and shoot the best.

Hoyt and Matthews are both good bows but bow they feel in the hand is more important.   

i agree. go to an archery shop and give them your price range. shoot every bow in that range. put the maybe's on one side and the no's back on the shelf. whittle it down until you find what feels best. you may be surprised at what bow you like, i was

good luck

Those first two responses cover it well, that's sound advice

Agree! Por Shop is the best way to go for a new bow and their service vs. big box stores


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