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rocket steelhead expandables

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i know everyone likes the latest and greatest broadhead, but i've had great luck w/ the ROCKET STEELHEAD 100 gr. i just got 2 packs from amazon today. they fly great and are tough. 1 1/8" cutting diameter, chisel point and open backward on contact blades. (i'm not sold on the blades that open forward. too many things to go wrong IMO)

here's the best part. a pack of 3 still goes for $15. i bought mine for spares down the road. i'm guessing they will be bought out again and be taken off the market. i can get 3 packs of these for the same price as 1 pack of other broadheads and these are proven.

prices are out of hand! it's hard to believe $10-15/ arrow and $10-15/ broadhead is common. that's $20-30 per shot! no wonder archery is losing the biggest percentage of hunters. it's not affordable for a lot of people, especially young kids

i've killed several deer over 200# and 3 P&Y bear w/ these(one approx 450-500#) and never had an issue. only one shot wasn't a pass through. that was a +200# buck at 35 yards and i blew through one shoulder and lodged in the other. they are solid

here's my 2 cents. if you are looking for an affordable solid head, check them out

Thanks for the info Yari, I'll give them a look.  I'm happy as can be with my Grim Reapers but never hurts to take a look at alternatives, especially if they're high performers without the crazy high pricetag.

Thanks Yari. I will also check them out. I love my NAP Spitfire Crossbow expandables but always willing to see what else is out there.


--- Quote from: Bearclaw on September 09, 2018, 07:41:41 AM ---Thanks Yari. I will also check them out. I love my NAP Spitfire Crossbow expandables but always willing to see what else is out there.

--- End quote ---

I would think these would work great w/ an x-bow

Yari - I did a little web reading after your original steelhead post to see what they had to say about X-bows.  Couldn't find a lot, some guys stated that on faster vertical bows or X-bows you should consider using 2 bands to insure they don't open up in flight.


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