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Really gonna miss this one

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Mrs. DH and I getting serious about next years opportunity to start living on the road in our campers. So we're selling off a lifetime of collecting treasures. I really hated to sell my cherished moose trophy but it just wouldn't fit in any of the campers. By-By big guy. This is the moose I harvested many years ago in Alberta, I about drove my guide nuts waiting for "my" shot. He kept whispering "He's a shooter!" in my ear about 5 times. I got him at 237 yards, right in the "Dutch" spot behind his left ear with my trusted ol' 243. His legs folded up and he went straight down on impact. My guide only said "WOW!" This is the trip that I had to qualify to the outfitter that I could hit the mark with such a small caliber. My guide was backing me up with his 300 Win Mag. Good thing I saved him a shell!  ;D

Wow, beautiful moose Dutch.  Where the heck are you gonna fit all of those long barreled gems and reloading equipment in the camper?  Sounds like a fun adventure - you gotta PM me if you're coming through the central IL area in your rolling home.

just out of curiosity, where did you sell your mounts? online? were you able to re-coop the mounting costs?

Beautiful Moose there Dutch. Sorry you had to let it go.


--- Quote from: yari on August 30, 2018, 10:15:59 AM ---just out of curiosity, where did you sell your mounts? online? were you able to re-coop the mounting costs?

--- End quote ---

The purchaser is a client of Mr. Bill's. Yes I did recover my taxi's fees plus a little. The old boy looks good for being 35 years young. Bi-annual cleaning and headbone oiling really helps the aging process. For the moose. Not so much for me!  -00-9


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