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Point Blank Range

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What is “Point Blank Range (PBR),” and what does it mean? Defined, point blank range is the range at which you don’t need to aim high or low to hit your aiming point. Maximum Point Blank Range (MPBR) is simply the farthest end of that distance or true zero range.

Here's the opening of this article. I could not get the article to format got an server error message. I've attached in PDF.

Good info and a good refresher DH, thank you for posting the link

King Ben:
I always considered point blank as "being at the end of your barrel" or so close you do not need to use sights (just point and shoot).

Dutch - there's a couple of glitches in their table.  They start out saying that on a deer, the kill zone is about 6" high for heart/lung - I agree with that.  But in their table they claim MPBR is 280 with a trajectory that goes 6" above the line of sight & 9" below at 280.  That would be true if you had a 15" kill zone to work with, but MPBR in that trajectory curve is quite a bit less than 280 if you're pursuing something with a 6" kill zone. 

I've been playing around trying to work out my MPBR for coyotes with my AR, but struggling to find consistent info for the kill zone on a yote - would be curious how big you guys think it is.  I know I have at least 200 yards, so should probably just be satisfied given that I probably won't ever have a shot that far around here.

Mag you're right the far PBR should be 265.

Here's a PBR for a 50gr 224 pill pushed at 3200. I used a 4" vitals zone which I've always used for yotes.

Drag Function: G1
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.242
Initial Velocity: 3200 fps
Sight Height : 1.5 in
Target Size: 4 in

Near Zero:   32 yards
Far Zero:   214 yards
Minimum PBR:   0 yards
Maximum PBR:   249 yards
Sight-in at 100yds:     1.8" high


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