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Walleye Blast 2018

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Time is flying on by and before you know it deer season will be upon us and we won't be thinking much about fishing. HOWEVER, we must plan in advance for Walleye Blast in April of 2018. Capt. Randy has informed me that we need to look at dates to fish in April as they fill up quickly. We do get first choice of dates to fish the spawn. For those who may be interested, please look at your calendars and post your choices here, typically we use Sunday for a travel day and fish Monday & Tuesday then travel home on Wednesday. This is not locked in stone but has worked in the past. Weekends are very busy on the lake with boat traffic, therefore weekdays are less stressful on the water. All thoughts and comments are welcome here. The first six will be locked in, arrangements will be made if more than that wish to join in the festivities.  ##$#@#$%

one of these days gut. it sounds like a blast, but i won't know my turkey season or my winter vacation. mamma needs to figure that out. i'l just the eye candy @--0--0105

Pencil me in, as far as I can see, I should be able to make it again next spring.

Our early turkey season runs the last two weeks of April but I usually can only hunt weekends anyway so any time during the week should be good.

I'm in!!!

I thought we had tentatively set up the Week of 4/15. That would be travel Sunday the 15th. Fish Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Then lunch and we all head home.
I may be wrong...  --7-8-9  I know it would be the the first time...   ##$%#117 EVER!!!!  @--0--0105

I call dibbs on the LOVE-SEAT @--0--0121

Easter is April 1st so that should be better for people to make it. Less traffic too. This is such a good old good time. I believe all that have made this really had a grand time. Just don't even think about sampling my knuckles!!! A group of buddies enjoying time together. And we're always so polite and kind to each other. Just ask Popsicle, MI_catfish killer, Hunt-Masher, baitfixer and not to forget wvwhitegills.... @--0--0102

Split toe:
Talked with Jap51 today had he and I are in...Looking forward to it!


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