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Championships & Contests > 2020 Varmint Challenge

2020 Varmint Challenge Rules


2020 Varmint Challenge Rules & Guidelines

This is a championship between hunters/trappers to determine the best overall varmint hunter/trapper.

CONTEST DEADLINE - Contest will run from May 1, 2020 through October 6, 2020. No varmint harvested before or after these dates can be entered.  You must harvest at least one varmint to win.

Any legal varmint taken with a legal weapon of any kind. No vehicles.

To participate, you must be a Talkhunting.com forum member and have a minimum of 10 posts.

1 person teams, this is an individual contest.

Qualified varmint:
The list is as follows: Ground Hogs, Ground squirrels, Jack Rabbits, Coyotes, Marmots, Crows, Armadillos Wild Pigs/Hogs and Prairie Dogs.

You may trap varmints as well however any trapped varmint will only be worth a 1/2 a point.

 Entries must include the photo below
 - A picture of the varmint with a piece of paper with the date on it.

TalkHunting Printout - http://www.talkhuntin.com/main/downloads/HarvestDate.pdf
Every entry must have this printout or a blank piece of paper with the date written on it in the photo. Date / Time stamps on cameras are
not accepted!

If you harvest a varmint with a bow or crossbow, the bow/crossbow must be in the photo with the varmint to get the bonus points

There will be no exception to the above picture rules. Date and time stamps on cameras do not count as a TalkHunting Printout. Add your camera, some TalkHunting Printouts and a black marker to your hunting equipment. You can also use a blank piece of paper with the date written on it instead of the TH printout

Entries must be posted within 15 days of the harvest. All entries must be in by Oct 15th.

Point System:
Each varmint shot is worth 1 point.
Each varmint trapped is worth a 1/2 a point

No points are awarded for weight

Bonus Points:
If you harvested your varmint with a bow or crossbow you will be awarded 2 bonus points

Hunter with the most points wins.


Scoring will be handled by the moderators and could take up to a week. Do not contact any administrators or moderators about unless 7 or more days have passed. You will know your Groundhog/Marmot has been scored if you see the score results under your harvest entry

To participate, you must be a Talkhunting.com forum member and have a minimum of 10 posts.

Varmint must taken legally and ethically as laws apply in the State your hunting, including tags or whatever your state requires.

All disagreements, controversies and conflicts will be decided on, by a majority vote from a panel consisting of the Administrator & Moderators.
THOSE decisions will be FINAL.

Any and All offensive, derogatory and or argumentative posts will be removed by either Admin or Moderators that are watching that particular sub-forum.

If anyone has a suggestion or something you feel we may have missed and should perhaps be added or removed please message Bluetoe.


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