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Scientists Idea to Control Deer Population

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Couldn't believe this even after I read the article. This has got to be some more faulty science from Al Gore!


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I don't see how this could go bad.......I mean it's worked so well with the wolves......

Or they could get more people interested in hunting and it will all work itself out.

I know there is no easy catch all answer but I do not believe that introducing another alpha preditor into the eco system is a good idea.

Than they will have to find something to control the cougars

Never underestimate the stupidity of mankind.  The steep reduction in alpha predators over the last century or so has allowed the stupid humans to thrive and further pollute the gene pool methinks.  Wonder if we could find a nice island to let them experiment with, like maybe Long Island?   --099-780

as fetus hagan would say "you can't change stupid"


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