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New Type Chronograph

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It is called Labradar: here is their webpage: http://www.mylabradar.com/ and their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/mylabradar

Check it out...it is your on personal doppler radar...this looks very interesting....The actually gives you the actual velocity of your bullet out to 100 yards (and farther just depends on the size of the projectile. Smaller the caliber the less distance it will track it)..it was unveiled at this year's Shot Show and think it would be good any place at any time...I will put it on my wish list. Instead of buying another spotting scope, binoculars or scope will get one of these...it cost around $550 for the base unit...

I have two Oehler's and one Magneto Speed 3.0 all works very well, but they only give you a muzzle velocity and not actual velocity at 20 or 25 yard increments like the Labradar does....

Check it out and let me know what you think...check out you tube as well.....

(Well just pre-ordered one will all the accessories...should be here in August)

Knowing me will forget that I ordered it in a few months, just like the Ruger #1 in 270 Wea Mag, it took 2 years to get it in and when it came in I said what gun? I had forgotten and the case of the Sauer 200. I bought an extra barrel for it and it took almost 5 months to get in from Germany. When it came in I had forgotten that I had ordered it...LOL...daaaaa...another senior moment....

sounds very useful for you reloading types as well as for the rest of us

Yes, chronographs are very useful tools for reloaders.  Just make sure you have an adecuate shield in front of the unit, to protect it from stray shots.  Lol.

Bo - you better go buy everything you need before your memory goes completely and you can't remember what you need!    --099-780

Looks interesting - I could use something like that in the shop, but would want it to be able to track the actual trajectory and landing place of little springs etc which go launching off into the far reaches of the shop, never to be seen again.  All kidding aside, I will go do a little research on this.  If it can track something like an arrow or crossbow bolt, it will be really interesting to be able to compare the downrange impact of different heads, vanes, etc on the velocity.  True to Louie's advice about having a shield in front of the device, I've never had the guts to put my old traditional chrony downrange in order to measure velocity loss. 

I see a lot of people selling the magneto chrony now - if this Doppler device catches on I wonder if the existing styles stay around or get phased out . . .

august is a long time to wait. must be popular or under produced

here's what I do to prevent 'senior moments'. i log it on my calendar w/ a reminder. I put all hunting and fishing seasons, b-days, trips, refunds... if I didn't, I would be lost. it gets extensive, but it works

sounds like a useful new toy


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