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What makes TalkHunting so great?

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Hunt Master:
What makes TalkHunting so great? What is it that drew you to this site and kept you here? What makes this place any different than all of the other hunting websites out there?

Thats simple, all the great people.Everybody is very supportive and there is no drama. Everything else is just a bonus.

western KY hunter:
whitetail institute news letter brought me to talk hunting in july of 2008( i think wv without looking at my profile) looked around liked what i seen started posting and pming some of the first one's on wv,bubba,hm,swga all these guys were on before me in aug of 08 me and wv joined up as hoosier,wildcats on the deer champingship he sent me some product you all know the magic stuff  we talked a few times the first day of gun season in ky was a bust for both of us around 10 am sunday morning the 2nd day of season wv called me hadnt seen a deer was pretty upset sounded like someone had just run over his favorite puppy i get another call about 1;30 pm sunday day itwas wv to say he was excited was a understatement he was fired up he had just taken a monster 11 pt from that time on me and him has been best friends along with several other on here that i consider close friends even family thats one and the best reason im still on this great site its like one big family we might have our disagreements but let someone from another forum get on and put one of my friends down and the battle is on thats all im going to say about that  ##$%#112
had to add some stuff met tom (gutshot)beplar spelling? in jan of 09 he drove 8 hrs to come and hunt hogs with me,wv and others had a great time later on in june i was passing through pa. called gutshot he invited me and my family to come stay with him at his camp in the pa mountains we stayed the nite had great fellowship a great meal then in the morning before we hit the road to come home he fixed us a great breakfast thanks tom thats why i love this site making new friends for life. @--0--0118 ##$%#14 ##$%#115

I also saw a Talk Hunting advertisement in the Whitetail Institute Magazine, and thought I would give it a look.   Signed up but never got back on, several months later I remembered the site, and logged on.  Since that time, I have stayed on as much as possible.  It is a great site with great information, and a bunch of great folks.  I am sort of a loner and I don't go anywhere unless I have to.  But, I felt comfortable enough because of the site to travel 6 hrs.  to the Anniversary Party in Alabama, and be around 30 or so people I have never laid eyes on before.  I had an awesome time meeting other members, and can't wait to meet others.  @--0--0118

Like the post said above me. Friends. Can't say enough about Talk Hunting. If you would have told me a year ago where my travels would have taken me I would have laughed at you. Dreams can be reality if you put your Best into it. I have met some Great People along the way and some have became Great Friends. I Know we have our members that are slow to open up and live the Full Extent of What Talk Hunting is all about. It is a place people interact everyday and learn about each others hunting and about their everyday ups and down. Not a stone unturned here. You don't have that on other sites. I was asked a long time ago to do a job for Talk Hunting from a man I had Never Met in person and I accepted it with open arms because I Believe in the Members of this site. Members make a site and you all have done GREAT. I am Proud to Be a Part of this site. That being said I will get off of my soap box because you know I could Ramble on this subject forever.

  westernKYhunter,Hope you are up to another interesting year,because who knows where our travels will take us this year. I have traveled a lot of miles this year with my co pilot. It's Amazing how a Deer Contest that causes so many questions and disagreements can produce a friendship that will last a lifetime.Sometimes you have to look in between the lines and look at the Total Picture. I am Glad I found Talk Hunting and Proud to be a part of Talk Hunting. I Hope to See You All down the road somewhere.


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