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Title: 2019 Trail Cam Contest Rules
Post by: [Blocked] on January 02, 2018, 03:48:45 PM
TalkHunting Trail Camera Contest
January 1 through December 31

> Each TalkHunting Member may enter up to 5 entries. After you have posted 5 entries you are allowed to enter up to 2 substitutions before the deadline.

> Pics must be from your trail cam and must be un-doctored.

> Pics cannot have been entered in any previous contests.

> Pics must have been taken anytime in the year of this contest and have date stamp to show it.

> Pics must be tasteful (no animals breeding, shot or dead)

> No video allowed

> All TalkHunting members can participate in the contest

How to enter a picture in the "Trail Cam Pic" contest:
For each of your entries, create a new topic here with your TalkHunting username and a unique title as the title of the topic. (example - "Huntmaster - Squirrel peeking". Then then insert your picture . You can make a few comments about the picture or not. For each entry after that, create a new topic in the same way. 1 topic per entry.

If the entry you are making is a substitution, please state which entry you are substituting it for. (substituted entries will be moved to the regular trail cam board)

Any trail cam picture that doesn't violate the rules can be entered but past experience shows that the funny or unusual pictures have the best chance of winning. This is not a "Big Buck" picture contest. In January of the following year, the Contest Team will pick the 5 best entries, based on a vote from the TH Staff, and a separate post will be created for all members to vote for the winners.