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Dan Barker, president of Hunters Logic, had a modest booth in an out of the way corner. However, his product was a great big “Why didn’t I think of that?” The “Bow Keeper” is a small, inexpensive device that clips onto your clothing (like a shirt) and has a small hook to grab your bow string. Have you ever sat in a lock on stand and forgot your screw in bow holder? Now you’re stuck holding that cold bow all day. This device gives you a hands free solution to hold your bow and yet gives you a very quick and easy release for getting it back in your hands. Go check them out at www.hunterslogic.com 

Remington 700 Owners - I am constantly cleaning, inspecting my rifles and need to tell you guys and girls about the above tool.....I have had this tool for many years and it works very well...I own a lot of 700's and this bolt removal tool is worth the money. I think I paid $20 for it many years ago. It one of those I use many times a year and take it for granted.

I got mine from Brownells and they now have a video on it that shows you how simple this tool is and how easy it is to use. Takes your bolt apart very easily. Why didn't I think of it!   Click Here


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Load development the Old Fashioned Method
For many years the classic method to develop loads was to start with a particular Bullet, Powder, and Primer. Then load five rounds with a supposedly safe start load and to shoot a group. If the pressure signs (bolt lift effort , primer appearance, case head diameter, etc.) seem to be normal, or at least not excessive, try another five round group with 0.5 grains more powder, of course, the same powder.  If the results were not satisfactory then try another .5 grains and so on until hopefully...

Question for the archery gurus
OK Guys and Gals.  I love sitting in a tree stand, bow in hand.  I'm by no means an expert and my equipment leaves me wondering so here goes.  Last year pull the bow out of the hard case to start practicing and I'm shooting nice groups but all high and right.  Make the sight adjustment and I'm good to go.  This year pull the bow out and start flinging arrows and the same thing - high and right with very good groups. Does this mean something needs "tuned" or is it just normal for a bow to get "silly" in storage?

Big Doe Down
It was really noisy in the woods.   Lots of shooting from the pheasant farm down the road and lots of shots coming from the other direction as well.  Probably someone out target shooting.  it was also pretty windy.   I sat most of the evening and didn't see a thing.  I checked my watch and saw I only had about 15 minutes left before I had to pack it up.   I couple minutes later I saw some movement out in front of my so I pulled up the glasses to take a peak.  I had 5 or six does crossing a small clearing out in front of me.   They were out of sight before I had a chance to get the gun up.  A couple minutes later I had a twig snap and look down to my left, the does had looped back along the tree line and were coming back onto view

TalkHunting founder Robert Householder with Jacob, our 2015 B4K beneficiary, and his father Rodney. Jacob wished he could go on a fishing trip. We made sure his wish came true!



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