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Hunting over bait in Alabama

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I have always killed more deer coming and going from a food source, ie feeder or food plot than at the actual source so whatever is legal I dont really think it matters as far as baiting, feeding goes.

Hunt Master:
Here is my 2 cents to argue over... I am against baiting in Alabama and believe we should have tougher punishments against it. Here is why...

1 - People believe baiting will help deer nutrition - False
90% of people that do bait or will bait will opt for the cheapest bait - Corn. Corn has absolutley no nutritional value and does nothing for horns, weight or health. Its just candy.

2 - People believe baiting will draw deer to the bait because it does so now with their cameras - False
Illegal or off season baiting draws deer to it because most people dont bait so the "Candy" spots are limited. Once everyone is baiting and the "Candy" spots are everywhere, your candy pile will not be so important.

3 - People believe that bait will draw in the bigger bucks - False
Most people who use bait in front of their trail cams are still getting the pics of the big bucks mostly at night. Big bucks dont get stupid just because bait is around. Especially if it is everywhere.

4 - People who want to bait do not understand the expense - True
Once baiting is legal and everyone is doing it, how will you compete with the big money clubs that will now invest thousands of dollars a year to keep corn spread out all over their property? Once this is legalized, you will almost have to buy tremendous amounts of bait just to keep deer ON your propery.

5 - People think deer will move more thus be seen more. - False
Once baiting has had a few years to get established, you will see fewer deer. Right now, a deer must move around a lot to find browse. This gives you a chance to see them. Once they can make a few stops somewhere at night and eat their entire days worth of food in one sitting, you will start seeing deer lay up all day and feed for hours at a time at night.

There are many more cons than pros but I am tired of typing. Baiting in Alabama is a bad idea but I do uinderstand the motive behind it. So many of us in this area are hunting pine plantations that offer very little for the deer to eat and figgure baiting would help. it wont. It will only help your neighbor pull your deer to his property more easily if he is willing to spend more on bait than you. With lease prices the way they are here now, who can afford to add a few thousand dollars of bait to the bill?

I say keep it illegal and punish the violaters with HEAVY jail time, not fines. Rich people can pay fines and make it worthwhile to continue...

Hey Birdman, Aint nothing wrong w/ baiting as long as it is legal. What is the difference in hunting over an entire cornfield vs a small pile of corn. Also is a food plot really any different? corn, wheat, oats, clover ,rape, turnips,ect... just because there planted vs dumped on to the ground does it really make much difference? It is still baiting. So if its legal do it.  -0078

Well put HM. I have to agree with you. Even if it were legal in Alabama I still wouldn't do it. I can only imagine the "accomplishment" one feels when they remark of a nice mount on the wall "He came into the corn pile and I shot him!" Now that is really hunting, isn't it?  @--0--0127 I would not be proud of that. I would however be proud of telling someone how I scouted the area, patterned the deer and harvested the buck fair game. Now, that in my book, is an accomplishment and a challenge. But like it has been said before on this thread....to each their own.

Well if you think about it when ever we hunt over a food plot or oak tree or persimmon tree we are hunting over bait. I know alot of guys that hunt over corn. I don't myself nor do I hunt over food plots. I don't think there is anything wrong with hunting over food plots. I'd just rather scout and find the best place to hunt without me having to spend the $$$ involved in food plots. And when I decide to take a deer, be it doe or buck I take it because I want to take it not because I feel pressured to or feel pressured to wait for a huge buck. They might as well legalize it. Food plots and corn are the same thing to me.


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