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Author Topic: 2019-2020 Whitetail / Blacktail Deer Hunting Championship Rules & Guidelines  (Read 4145 times)

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2019-2020 Whitetail / Blacktail Deer Hunting Championship Rules & Guidelines

Please make sure you read and understand all the rules:

The Year Of The Story

There is no deadline to enter and no signup needed. The Championship will begin August 15, 2018 at legal AM shooting time and ends at legal PM shooting time of February 15, 2020. No deer harvested before or after these dates can be entered.  You can enter a submission at anytime during this championship as long as you have 25 posts or more on the boards.

Who can enter the Championship?
Any TalkHunting member with 25 posts or more can enter the championship. No pre-signup is needed. Just enter your submission when you have taken a deer.

There are no multi-member teams this year. This year its all about the individual hunter. Deer hunting is about so much more than the shot fired and the size of the animal. Its about overcoming challenges, getting lucky, doing your homework, patience, ethics, humor, honor and success. In other words, its all about the story and not the kill. When someone kills an animal, whats the first thing you want to hear? How big was it? NO, the story.. The story is what is important. What led up to it, what obstacles did you overcome? The story behind the hunter comes first, the rack size comes second. Once the Championship begins, you can enter any deer you have killed as a submission (see how to enter submission below). At the end of the championship, every member that has at least one submission will be in a poll for members to vote on a champion.

Any deer (buck or doe) that is taken legally and ethically (as laws apply in the State your hunting, including tags or what ever your state requires) during this championship. This includes the antler specifications for each individual state. No penned shot deer accepted. Deer must be a free range wild animal regardless - private or public land. All animals must be harvested legally and taken with a legal weapon. Deer submissions must be posted no later than 10 days after the kill.

There are no limits. You can submit as many deer as you want.

Once you have taken a deer and decide to enter it into the championship:

1: Take a picture of the deer (with you in the picture if possible).
2: If it is a buck, take a few good pictures of the rack. Racks are not scored so no tape measure photos are needed.
3: Take any other pictures you feel may help you get judged better by the membership.
4. Create a new topic in this section, with your username and the date as the title (Example: Hunt Master 09/14/18)
5: In the topic attach your photos and tell the story behind the hunt. No limit on story size or number of pictures.
6: All disagreements, controversies and conflicts will be decided on, by a majority vote from a panel consisting of the Administrator & contest team. THOSE decisions will be FINAL. Any and All offensive, derogatory and or argumentative posts will be removed by either Admin or Moderators that are watching this particular sub-forum.

Helpful Tips:

The picture should show at least the entire front half of the deer or more - this is to avoid any possible accusations concerning people entering mounts. This picture has to be of the deer itself. Pictures of only the skull plate or a clearly decomposed animal will not be accepted.

Photo(s) should show all tines and spread for better judging.

Any photo not CLEARLY showing all details required will disqualify the entry.

At the end of the championship, all members with a deer submission will have a poll associated with their name for a vote from the members. TalkHunting members will vote for and select their champion. Members will vote by judging:
1.  The stories about the hunts (grammar is not judged)
2.  The quality of the deer taken
3.  The ethics of the hunter
4.  The ability of the hunter to overcome challenges
5.  The skills of the hunter
6.  So much more...

The story you enter with your submission will be 95% of what you will be judged by. The more detail in the story the better the voting member can look at all aspects of your hunts. The biggest deer or the most deer killed wont necessarily win this championship. The best story teller? Well, I guess we will see, wont we? The story is everything. Let the stories begin....


Only one entry per post. Use this form to make your entry. Copy and Paste it in the Entry Board and fill out the required information. Then add your story and pictures.


Date Deer harvested -
Time Deer harvested -
What state was the Deer harvested in -
Buck or Doe -
Buck rack points -
Was Deer harvested with a gun or a bow?
Now, tell us the story.....

Remember We Are Ambassador's of Our Sport

The best way to do that is take the photo in a tasteful manor and setting. Lets take pictures that will Support Hunting and be pictures that we are Proud to show to anyone. It takes little time and effort to preserve a hunt of a lifetime as we see it.With a little effort we can show the True Trophy we have taken.

Good Luck to Everyone this Season. Good Luck and Good Hunting and Hunt Safe.

Keep in mind that as of right now, there are no prizes involved in this contest. It is strictly for bragging rights. But who knows what we might get between now and then...
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