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Author Topic: My collection gets smaller  (Read 323 times)

Offline Dutch-Hunter

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My collection gets smaller
« on: August 30, 2018, 06:49:38 PM »
I have a guy coming from Iowa tonight. He's buying my last two Spencer's. I attached a pic of them. Saturday there is a collector from Colorado coming to purchase my Lazzeroni's. One is a 7.62 Warbird and the other is a 7.21 Firebird. Not very sorry to see these go I was never really impressed with them. Then Sunday the nations largest pre-1900 Winchester 1894 collector is coming to clean up all of my "Winnies" (39 of them). He'll have over 1800 of them with serial numbers of 204400 or less. He really wanted my triplets but another collector beat him to them. 

The story of my Winchester triplets. These three guns had consecutive 4 digit serial numbers, which dated them early August of 1894. The triplets were the object of many a collectors desire. The middle one (pretty brother) was new never fired in the original sock and box, with the original Winchester invoice dated September 28th, 1894 had been appraised at 45K and insured for 60. The North Dakota gun dealer I bought this one and the preceding serial number (older brother) one from had what he thought was a very high "don't want to sell 'em" price on them. It was his grandfather that started the gun shop and had ordered these guns for inventory. I offered him 35K for the pair and he said sold. I then found the third one (baby brother) in Mississippi (can't remember the town now) some years later. I always asked if they have any old 1894 Winchester's. This guy said he had one that was in pretty tough shape. He handed it to me and I nearly passed out. I offered him a grand for it and he was shocked and couldn't say sold fast enough. After the deal was completed I told him that this garden stake was the third serial number in a row I now owned. He shook my hand and didn't seem very impressed. Any way that's the story of my Winnie triplets.

Until we decided to downsize I had a very high "don't want to sell 'em" price tag on them. I did come down quite a bit on the price and let this ecstatic guy have them. He was so happy! I was so sad! Until I started to count the Benjamin's. I don't mind telling you (just don't tell Mrs DH) the selling price was just north of 50K and I came down 20K from my original asking price.
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Online Madgomer

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Re: My collection gets smaller
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2018, 07:06:59 PM »
Dang DH, really sad to hear that you're parting with so many of your best buddies - it's something I'm sure most of us here dread thinking about even though at the end of the day it's just some walnut & steel.  If nothing else though I'm sure you will have the data (and cash) in hand to prove what we all tell our spouses - it's an investment dear! Fascinating to hear your story about that third consecutive serial number - odds have to be pretty tough on that happening.  Good luck, keep smiling as you pocket those Benjamins! 
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Re: My collection gets smaller
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2018, 08:45:38 PM »
Wow - That's not like us Dutch to part with a friend....sorry to hear the departure of a couple of your friends....
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Re: My collection gets smaller
« Reply #3 on: August 31, 2018, 09:07:55 AM »
Sorry to hear you are letting go but hey someone else now has some joy in owning them and you can enjoy counting some cash. you got some funding for your next adventure enjoy every moment.
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