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Author Topic: That's a Wrap!!  (Read 471 times)

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That's a Wrap!!
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:27:30 AM »
Season has been rocking along smoothly so far and though I have not been active on here, I have been busy in the woods.  I've been more than blessed this year when it comes to bringing in the deer meat. I never knew going into 2017 deer season that it would be one for the books. So I'll give everyone a run down on what has went down the last few months.

As Russcat stated, we kicked off the Kentucky season in grand fashion by having his two boys come share a camp with us. We brought it down to the wire and Logan and I were able to get the job done. Don't let Russcat or anyone else tell you any different, we were known as the A Team from the beginning!!!
Fast forward to Kentucky rifle season. I had big plans to shoot a good buck because our trail cams were crawling with shooters! I averaged about a dozen deer a day and the bucks seemed to be in love and ready. Well, I seen this one deer the second morning about 11 am and elected to pass. He was probably a 125ish inch 9 pointer I guessed at 3.5 years old. Well, I had another deer I had videoed with my cell phone for three days I called Fluffy. Little did I know on the last morning fluffy would run a doe in on me at a different location and I just completely misjudged him and needless to say I wasn't real proud of having to put a tag on a 2.5 year old.... So my Kentucky season was over before it really got started.  I'm sure CaptTrae will be along to post pics of the lease kills this year. I think we killed 7 or 8 bucks this year with the biggest being a 150ish type 9 pointer.

On to Alabama.  Bow season was about average at best and I didn't see any deer I even remotely got excited about. I had one big 8 pointer on cam I would have shot but he disappeared a week before bow season opened. I also had a goofy rack deer I would like to shoot and he too disappeared until December 11. I was in one of my favorite stands overlooking a bean field and a foodplot with thick bedding to the side of it and I figured it was time for the deer to be doing their deal so I hit the grunt call about 4:00 that evening. I didn't even get my call put up and this deer comes bopping down the edge of the thicket just looking for a fight. He grunted, snorthwheezed, tore trees down and made scrapes. It was my goof racked buck and I knew I was going to shoot him. I let him put on a show and also learned a valuable lesson when calling whitetails too. I watched him initially tear everything up and then he got in some sage grass and stood for literally 20 minutes in one spot. If I wouldn't have known that deer was there I would have never seen him! That goes to show you that the amount of times you call and don't see anything doesn't mean they didn't respond to you. If I would have moved any during that "standoff" he would have busted me and been on his way. Well he slipped back in the thicket and I grunted again and he come charging out of there ready for a fight. Unfortunately for him he couldn't handle the end of the fight I gave him and I had my first Alabama buck of 2017. 

Fast forward from that Monday to the proceeding Thursday. I had planned to hunt at the house that morning and go with a good friend to his lease that evening to doe shoot. Well, I didn't see anything from the stand and decided I better get down early and go get ready to go with him. I got down at 9 and slipped around the edge of the woods to look down a creek bottom that is fire in the rut. As I was walking around the corner of the woods I looked across the bean field to another scope of woods and seen a doe standing there eating. Something just told me she had a friend with her so I watched. Keep in mind this is 500+ yards away and then I seen him. A monster! I could see the buck's rack from that distance without bino's and then just to confirm his size I looked at him through my bino's. He was huge. I immediately started to devise a plan to stalk him and decided I would get in the creek bottom and sneak around cause just so happen we have a shooting house about 300 yards from them and that's the direction the doe was feeding. I text my buddy and told him the deal and he said he would go without me to his place. After falling in the creek three different times I made it to flat ground and was able to slip within 50 yards of the shooting house. I layed on the ground ready to shoot for 45 minutes and didn't see anything. I then snuck into the shooting house and the wind was perfect so I decided I wouldn't leave until dark. After a loooooong sit, soaking wet and cold, I begin to think the deer had already passed through my lane before I got there but I stayed optimistic. Around 4pm I looked up in the lane and all I could see was mass and browtines. Although this wasn't the deer I had seen that morning I couldn't pass him up. I settled the crossairs and let one fly. Buck 2 for Alabama had hit the dirt and boy was he a good one. I didn't have any history with this buck nor has any of the neighbors but I like surprises so I was tickled with him.

Now on to the final buck of my Alabama season. It was the day after Christmas and I was on clean up duty, because we all know Santa may bring the gifts, but he sure as heck doesn't clean the aftermath of them up. I had loaded the truck up with garbage and was headed to our dumpster with it and of course I was window shopping while I drove down the road slowly where I wouldn't blow garbage all the way down it to the dumpster. Well, I look out on the neighbor and there stands the deer I been wanting to shoot allllll season! He was with a doe and heading towards us. Needless to say I did get a little extra hitch in my giddy up and unloaded the garbage basically in one sliding fish tail from the truck and back to the house I went. It was time for Santa to deliver MY Christmas present. Not much else to say about it though, I got in a ladder stand behind my house 100 yards around 2:15 and here come the doe with THREE bucks in tow. The big one of course draggin up the rear. After they jumped the fence and got out in front of me I was able to settle my sights and make a perfect shot on him. Tagged out and on to my Mississippi lease for this month's rut!

This past deer season has tested my patience and even though it looks like I killed one everytime I went, that would be a far stretch from the reality. I've logged MANY hours of sightless time in the stand this year. We had more acorns then ever and it has proven to be hard to even see a decent amount of deer. Deer sightings were hard to come by and for the deer I was able to take I am thankful! I hope everyone's dreams come true in 2018 and I wish everyone a prosperous new year!!
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Re: That's a Wrap!!
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2018, 01:13:41 PM »
Congrats Z on a great season... @--0--0123
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Re: That's a Wrap!!
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2018, 02:38:43 PM »
Those are great looking bucks!  Congrats on a successful season. 
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Re: That's a Wrap!!
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2018, 02:40:08 PM »
Congrats on a great season! You never know going in how it will be coming out! We always have high expectations, otherwise we wouldn't go! Congrats again!
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Re: That's a Wrap!!
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2018, 03:28:42 PM »
Great Season!!!

Hunting is a gamble, despite all the planning, preparation, etc. you never know how it will play out until it does!!
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Re: That's a Wrap!!
« Reply #5 on: January 04, 2018, 05:08:40 PM »
sweet! any time you can get target bucks, it's a good season. congrats
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Re: That's a Wrap!!
« Reply #6 on: January 05, 2018, 04:25:49 AM »
Wow, you have been a busy guy.  Congrats on your successes!


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