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Author Topic: 10 Point verses 10 Point  (Read 195 times)

Offline buckone1

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10 Point verses 10 Point
« on: October 17, 2015, 03:04:49 PM »
Indiana deer bow came in on October1,2015. I hunted from then til October 13 and just got close to 2 deer.
The first was a big doe that i was afraid might have a fawn somewhere that needed  her, so i let her go

Then on the 13th of October i hunted 3 hours in the morning and went back out at 11:30 to a diffrent stand and sat for 3 hours with no luck.
At 5 PM , my wife and i went out. I got her into her stand and then walked back to mine.
The squirrels  were making a lot of noise and the hoot owls were talking a lot. I was happy just being out there.
At 6:30 i heard a lot of noise behind me so i scanned the hill and nothing was visible. I turned back around and 35 yards in front of me stood  the nicest  buck i have ever seen. He was facing straight at me at looking at me, so i froze. He studied me for a minute or so and put his head down and started eating acorns. I raised my crossbow and again he looked up at me for what seemed forever. He hten put his head down again and i centered my scope in the middle of his back and let it go. He bellered and went straight down. I had hit his back bone as i had planned!!
 I quickly loaded another arrow and put one thru the chest. He bled out in about 2 minuets.
 My wife got the mule and drove out to my stand and we gutted it and loaded it up befor dark.
  So far it has been a real good season. Got to get a doe for the freezer and one for my nieghbor and the season will be behind me.

 Here is the dude!! Good luck everyone!!!

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Re: 10 Point verses 10 Point
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2015, 04:56:08 PM »
Good Job!  That's a fine lookin' buck, kinda' wish I had gotten into archery hunting.  Our 1st phase of rifle season will start on Thanksgiving Day, lookin' forward to it.


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