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Author Topic: Master of His Domain / 4 part series  (Read 690 times)

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Master of His Domain / 4 part series
« on: February 28, 2014, 12:44:31 PM »
Master of his Domain (Part 1 of 4)
By; David Orlowski
     The morning air snapped young Solomon from his half groggy state as it brushed across his face. The temperatures had plummeted overnight to a cold twenty degrees. It was to be expected as it was already November of 1803.  The warmer weather had sort of lulled him into thinking that winter wasn't closing in as quick as it was.
      He stood for a few minutes thinking as he looked at the first fresh coating of snow that blanketed the wooded hills. It made the early morning seem so much brighter than the dullness of the grays and browns from the previous day. Without a second thought he stepped back inside the cabin and took his recurve bow from its spot above the fireplace. For him it was the sort of day that a man needed to be in the forest chasing a wily whitetail deer.
      After he dressed for the occasion he picked up his hunting knife and placed it on his side. Then he slipped his small day pack over his shoulder before grasping his bow in his hand. It was his prize possession, a fine hand crafted bow made from a ash sapling. One he had spent days perfecting till it shot with perfection in his hands. He had adorned it with a sinew backing, a sinew string along with a deer skin grip. It was a weapon that when he used it felt as if it were just and extension of his body. 
      Closing the door behind him he walked across the meadow toward Freeman Run. Everything seemed so refreshing and clean as if the woodlands had just awakened. Once at the stream bank he carefully crossed on a large fallen maple that spanned its expanse and continued on.  As he neared the fields edge and begin to enter the forest the sun crested the ridge and lit up the understory. This is an ideal situation for me to pick up the trail of a deer and pursue till one of us comes out the victor.
      Once inside the forest he began to follow a well worn trail the deer had used for decades. Slowly moving along he had maybe covered sixty yards when he picked up a couple fresh set of deer tracks that led out of the meadow and back into the Portage Hollow just ahead. One set was exceptionally large so Solomon figured it was probably a buck and doe traveling together. Without checking closely he knew they weren't more than a couple of hours old as they were placed after the snow had stopped. Then he stood and scanned the area ahead as he thought about where the deer maybe headed.
      More than likely the deer are headed toward a grove of oak that line the right side of the hollow. The last time through there a few weeks ago I remember the trees were laden with acorns beginning to drop. Definitely a smorgasbord for any whitetails in the area. From past experience Solomon knew the deer would feed up, then bed down nearby. Knowing this he was already putting a game plan in place. If everything goes as planned I should be back at the cabin by noon he surmised.
      Moments later he veered to the left and worked his way up the hillside at and angle to the top. As he took a brief break he thought about how he would slip silently to the end of the ridge and drop into the hollow from above. It acts as a natural funnel as they work their way up and over the ridge. Solomon's plan was to be there waiting and catch them off guard when they decided to make their move. It seemed like the perfect plan that could be executed with ease.
     Twenty or so minutes later he had reached the spot and found a good looking stand location. A large boulder that protruded from the the hillside only twenty feet from the trail. Standing on it he was at least ten feet above the forest floor as he peered down. Being above their line of sight they''ll never know I'm here as more than likely they will keep checking their back trail. Now I'll just crouch down out of sight and wait, something I do well from years of experience. And wait he did, as a couple of hours slipped by slowly without any sign of movement. But then a small detail gave Solomon a hint that something was amiss. A chipmunk stood on its back feet with ears erect momentarily, then shrieked a warning as it disappeared beneath a log. Solomon came to full attention as he slipped to the edge of the boulder and studied the trail in the hollow below. Nothing in sight but I know somethings stirring. Then he sat motionless waiting for the slightest movement. Then there it was, the slightest rustle of leaves from somewhere below.     (Continued next week)

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Re: Master of His Domain / 4 part series
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2014, 07:40:56 PM »
Good stuff 3 Beard
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Re: Master of His Domain / 4 part series
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2014, 08:22:20 PM »
didn't know they had recurve bows in 1803. 
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