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Author Topic: Handloading Accu-Loading Part 1: Tooling Up  (Read 552 times)

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Handloading Accu-Loading Part 1: Tooling Up
« on: April 02, 2013, 05:44:25 AM »
Following are some of the more precise tools you may want to invest in. They can replace the ones you have been using. Im not endorsing any of these products only using them as reference. There are many different manufacturers and prices for each. Speaking from experience the Concentricity Gauge at the end is the newest addition to my loading bench. If it fits your budget Id highly recommend it. Very easy to use and will measure empty cases as well as loaded cartridges. I should mention here that you MUST have a closed frame loading press for accurate loading. Open (C) frame presses do not have the structural integrity as the closed (O) framed presses regardless of who makes it. Youll also find out how good your dies really are. I have found that for the money Lee Precision Dies are hard to beat, Ive tried them all and always come back to my Lees. For the custom dies it is a different story but these are not the norm and we wont get into that now.
K&M's Internal Flash Hole Uniforming Tool
RCBS Case Trimmer
Sinclair Case Neck Sorting Tool

Tubing Micrometer
Bullet Comparators (if you use two sets bushings and inserts you can determine the bearing surface of a bullet much easier) The image on the left is an Accuracy One stand with dial indicator. On the left is a Hornady Comparator Bushing with the inserts that are caliber specific, you can easily use these with a good caliper.
Meplat Trimmer
Bullet Tipping Die
Hoover Bullet Tipping Die Features:
   303 stainless steel construction
   Fine .0005 adjustment increments
   Caliber sleeve and tipping punch are hand fit for very close tolerance
   Knurled adjuster stem
   Oversize stem lock
   Caliber sleeves available for .22 / 6mm / 6.5mm / 7mm / .308 / .338
   Tipping punches available for different bullet profiles
   Positive stop bullet pusher bottoms on Bullet Tipping Die body

Neck Turning and Trimmer

Primer Correction Cutter
Primer Seater with Gauge With this primer setter you can be exactly the same every time and not rely on feel.
Concentricity Gauge
Measures the runout of ammunition and ammunition components.
The Accuracy One Concentricity Gauge measures the internal and external neck runout of your cartridge case as well as seated bullet runout. It can also measure the runout of the ogive, bearing surface and boat-tail of individual bullets and can even measure your primer pocket runout.
Our Concentricity Gauge allows you to easily check the effectiveness of your reloading equipment. It also allows you to check and organize the quality of your factory-loaded ammunition. Starting the bullet straight into the rifling of the barrel is essential for accurate shooting. The smallest improvements in your accuracy are worth every penny.
Weight: 4.5 lbs, Dimensions: base 4in x 7in
Concentricity Gauge Features:
1.   Directional Drive Wheel pushes the cartridge or bullet into the stop for accurate repeatable readings with equal pressure. The replaceable rubber drive ring will not harm the cartridge or bullet.
2.   Two position bullet / cartridge stop.
3.   Ultra high precision ball bearings provide friction free movement.
4.   Heavy steel base with E-coat finish & bolt on rubber feet.
5.   Indicator stand and roller blocks ride in machined slots and are held in place by N42 Neodymium magnets which allow for very smooth, tool free adjustments.
6.   Indicator stand rides in both machined slots which allows for both internal and external measurements.
7.   Fine Adjustment Horizontal Indicator Stand will allow very smooth and fine adjustments.
8.   Indicator Stand will accept horizontal indicators that are .350" wide or narrower, and are 1.75" to 2.25" from the indicator contact point to the center of the main body.
9.   Adjustable mechanical arm stop holds the arm up for one handed operation.
10.   Precision Drive Wheel has a 13:1 ratio for .22 rimfire, 7:1 for magnums, and 3.7:1 for 50BMG.
11.   Accepts cartridges from 22 rimfire to 50BMG.
Without Indicator: $280
With Shars Indicator: $325
With Mitutoyo Indicator: $400 (This is the one I got)
Conclusion: Im sure I missed something but you get the idea of what you need.  If I were to make a suggestion to get you started, get a concentricity gauge you can afford and concentrate on case perp. Once you have one and get used to using it youll use it almost as much as your press. When you get your cases all true and uniform your accuracy from shot to shot will improve. With the improvement in accuracy you may then want to start the next level of Accu-Loading.


My apologies, could not un-embed the pictures from the article to attach them.  The whole document is attached with pictures.  Have FUN.

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