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Author Topic: First Hunt with Cheeseburger by Puddle Jumper  (Read 616 times)

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First Hunt with Cheeseburger by Puddle Jumper
« on: March 03, 2013, 05:15:23 PM »
In Nov took the youngest grandson hunting with me to the club. He has hunted with me before, but not down at the club with dogs like his brothers and cousin. He spend the night with us so he and I could get up early and drive the 70 miles to get to the club in time for breakfast. He enjoyed being with all the hunters, guys and girls as others had brought their kids that day also. He stood next to me as we got our safety briefing and then which part of the club we would be hunting that day. The club is about 10,000 acres as you need a lot of land for running deer with dogs. We got our spot which was a path about a half a mile long in the shape of a Z. We were in the middle of the hunt for the day. I got to go to the end of the path which was more into the middle of the hunt so "Cheeseburger" could hear the chase good.  I found a recent deer crossing into the 15 foot pine growth on both sides of us. When the call came from the "Hunt Master" to let them out, he helped me get our dogs into the deer trail. He had picked the ones we brought along the day before. Our dogs had not gone 100 yds in and they struck, boy that was great for me. He got to hear our dogs right of the bat!!! We soon could hear dogs giving chase all around us. He really got into it. About an hour later a deer came out between us the truck down from us. He was the first to see it and then I told him it was a buck!!! The truck down from us had his 10 year nephew with him. We both did not have a shot and it was only a 3-pointer. We have a 4-Pointer or better rule. A little while later I saw a doe run out behind the other truck and pointed it out to him. A few minutes later a big cow horn came out and just walked toward us from in front of the other truck. Then he jumped into the other side, a few minutes later the dogs after him came out and went across. I pointed out to Cheeseburger that one of them was ours, he liked that. We had turned the dogs loose about 07:40 and it was now about 10:00. Deer along with dogs where all over the place, including leaving the club. I checked our dogs with my tracking box and could tell that all were still on the club but in different areas with different chases. We could only hear a few chases now. Cheeseburger was starting to get bored. You will see a picture of him playing his game. I asked if he was ready to find the dogs now, he replied yes and when would we be heading back to grandma. It took another hour to get all our dogs up and then we headed home. You will also see a picture of how he rode home, asleep. Had to carry him into the house to grandma when we got home and I unloaded and fed the dogs. Later he complained about "Colonel" taking too long, the last dog we got as he was still involved in a good chase. He is still talking about his deer dog hunt, LOVE IT!!!

My son had told Levi his son that he had to have a handle like the rest of us. Grandpa is Puddle Jumper, Dad is Hit Man, oldest brother is Dirt Dobber, and next older brother is Butterbean. He choice was Cheeseburger!!!
He ate so much Jerky that I started calling him Jerky boy.

Puddle Jumper
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