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Author Topic: Opening Day Dove Shoot by Possum  (Read 611 times)

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Opening Day Dove Shoot by Possum
« on: March 03, 2013, 05:07:06 PM »
I have been at a lot of Dove Shoots on opening day across the South over the years but none ever like the Traditional “Long Family Farm Dove Shoot” in North Central Alabama which will rival many Thanksgiving Celebrations. The day started as I was giving a tour of some prime hunting land that reminded me of a lot of the land many hunt in Pike County Illinois and after my tour I think we may have a TalkHunting Deer Champion come out of this area due to Corn and Bean fields plus white oak acorn trees lined the draws. After the tour we traveled back to the Dove field lined with hay bales and trees lined and many spots were reserved by family and close friends and I was assigned a great location in front of a gallery of none hunting family members I joked with later that they must have had a few good laughs at my shooting abilities of trying to nail a fast flying zig zagging Dove. We setup the newly purchased MOJO Dove tree near my area and quickly became oblivious it was not designed for the tropical storm Lee winds blowing in from the Gulf. The Tree was top heavy and we had to take out sections of the tree to keep it from blowing over.

The MOJO Dove had to be placed on the ground and not the tree. At 12:00 Noon many hit the field for the start of the Dove shoot while others hit the kitchen where there was food placed in every available spot, never have I seen that much food. The Dove shoot started off slow until the Pigeons started flying in giving many much needed practice. As pigeons are considered a nuance bird and does not count against your Dove bag limit of 15. Later on that afternoon winds died down some and the Doves started coming in and the Dove busting started, you could see folks slipping out of the field back to the kitchen including me, but this is what makes opening day Dove shoot special, you get to socialize, eat, shoot a few birds, eat some more which makes for a great day.

You know as I write this I got to thinking why does Dove season always start at Noon? Doing some research got me digging on the internet. First reason was from the United States Fish and Wildlife service (USFWS) which sets guidelines for migratory bird hunting to control the harvest numbers on opening day. Another reason was that the Governor and other Political groups would host big opening Dove shoots for lobbyist and other important groups where adult beverages where consumed and people were too tired and consumed to listen to the Governor’s speech and wasted all the BBQ prepared.

The best reason was to prevent double bagging of the 15 Dove limit with a hunt in the morning and a hunt in the afternoon where Doves flying in on opening day may be easier to take.

The Opening day by invitation Dove shoot turned into a success and nobody went home hungry and as I was about to leave someone broke out the Cornhole Boards. I said oh Lord I better not play I have a 100 mile drive ahead of me and if I start playing I would be here for hours. Special thanks to TalkHunting members Herdmanager and Zlong19. Thanks for the invite I had an awesome day. I learned the true meaning of family tradition of busting a few Doves and getting together whether you hunt or not.



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