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Any Washingtonians here?


 Wanted to give a shout out and see if there were other Washingtonians on this site!  @--0--0123

 Whereabouts do you live? What do you like to hunt?

 I'm on the Western slopes of the Cascades around I90.

  I like to hunt elk and deer when I get the chance.

 Would like to take up duck hunting but seems awfully expensive on this side of the mountains, as there are very few public places to hunt (not sure how keen I am on farm raised planted birds...)

Not wash. but close in Oregon..

Western Washington here!

@ Pokerace: I hear there is some good blacktail hunting in Oregon!  @--0--0101

@Bucklucky: Welcome to the board! Great to have another Western WA person on here!

 Gotta ask, do I know you? I know I've been talking this forum up with a lot of folks I know who are into hunting around here (Western WA Cascades). :)


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