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Author Topic: New arrivals  (Read 920 times)

Offline sundowner

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New arrivals
« on: February 03, 2012, 09:35:01 AM »
In the last three days there have been quit a bit of early arrivals of geese from down south , also many northern divers that arrived late have not really left either for anywhere . Strange winter so far and they are saying temps in the 40's this weekend .  @--0--0117
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Offline red28

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Re: New arrivals
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2012, 09:57:39 AM »

there is no question this winter has been a weird one for the books!
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Online yari

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Re: New arrivals
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2012, 01:06:42 PM »
same over here. it's killing me not to have good ice for fishing. the river is still open!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: New arrivals
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2012, 01:11:55 PM »
Blue and snow geese have been covering the sky around here the last week. They are heading northwest.
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Offline MichiganLouie

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Re: New arrivals
« Reply #4 on: February 04, 2012, 10:47:44 PM »
two days after our late goose season ended, the sky was full of geese around my area.  It was as if they could read the calendar and knew now it's safe to fly around.
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Re: New arrivals
« Reply #5 on: February 05, 2012, 05:55:54 AM »
Everything is "off" this winter....I have been seeing a larger than normal amount of waterfowl moving, turkey strutting, hibiscus blooming and my mock quince is now blooming....
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Re: New arrivals
« Reply #6 on: February 10, 2012, 11:57:56 AM »
We have not had a real winter here. The river ducks never did show up in any great numbers and we've had mostly resident geese hardy any migrating from up north. I talked with a trapping buddy yesterday and he said the Muskrats are already cuttin' which means breeding season ain't far off- that usually starts the third week in March!!! I'm sure the bugs will by terrible come spring!!
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