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This morning, while fixing my coffee befire takibg puppy-pooh out for her morning walk, I spied a wiodchuck peeking out over the ramp to the barn. A whike back, I had set up a couple of cement blocks up, so any woodchuck had to go up and expose itself above the ramp, instead of just taking cover behind the ramp. Grabbed my axis and boots, and went out the front door, to my favorite shooting spot. As I easedaround the corner of the garage, I could see the chuck had not moved. Took aim, and when the cross hairs settled, I squeezed the trigger.    ()*$%RT Immediately, the chuck dropped out of sight. When I got to it, it was moving slightly, and for a second or two, I was afraid it was going to run back under the barn, but the chuck was done in. I have to download my varmint rounds some. A 55 gr spire point at 2900-300 fps (published speed ) are simply too destructive. This time, it was so bad, I didn't think I could take abd post a "tasteful" picture. So I don't expect to get credit for the kill, but just wanted to share the experience. I did get my morning coffee afterwards, puppy-pooh got her walk, and everything is back to normal now.
Crossbows / Re: Trouble With Scope(s)
« Last post by BoBallistic on Today at 07:41:18 AM »
Once while on the first Safari, had my Nosler TGR 48, in 300 WSM topped with a Zeiss Conquest with the 800 Yard RapidZ reticule....I had shot a Wart Hog at 52 yards, 45 degrees down (aim low) and an Impala at 270 yards with it, then I shot at a Waterbuck and missed at 150 yards, how do you miss a Waterbuck at 150 yards who is a big as an Elk....but I missed and the guy that I was with said that it was the scope, but I was not convinced that is was just the scope because 2 weeks earlier after year long (since January of that year) I had been shooting this rifle weekly and all of a sudden it started shooting high at 200 yard so much that the third shot was off paper!!

I put down the Nosler and picked up the old Sauer 200 in the 30-06 configuration...and was using a 180 gn Barnes TSX bullet in my hand loads....regardless of what my buddy was saying that it was the scope on the Nosler, I had faith in the old Sauer 200....the guide suggested that I bring over as a back up a 30-06 because you can get ammo anywhere with it....from the way to his place we stopped at a convenience store (that is what I would call it) and they did have sold old 06 ammo on the shelf, it was Remington....So I picked up the old Sauer 200 in 30-06 and finished the Safari and the old 06 brought home 4 of the 6 citters that the first safari yielded....

After getting home I contacted Nosler in Bend, OR and left a message that I needed to talk to some one about one of their TG Model 48 Rifles that had fail in the field. Within the day got a call back from Nosler and they wanted me to send it back to them.....A month got the a letter back from Nosler, they had put a new stock on it and told me in a letter that the supplied screws were the wrong ones, they should have installed the longer screws on the back of the Picatinny rail but installed the short one instead, it was their fault and they apologized for it....still have that letter from them....they had put the longer screws in the back and they blamed a technician for the mistake. Along with the new stock and the picatinny rail screws had been replaced with the proper ones and have been loctite down....

Today the Nosler shoots the same 7/8" groups at 200 yards as it did when I went over on Safari in that was 10 years ago....sometimes the littlest things can go wrong with the accuracy of the rifle.....

I was watching a show on TV and saw that they were using a Sig-Sauer scope along with their BDX system on a crossbow....he was at a range on the bench. Did anybody seen it? But he was saying that one you range it then it automatically feeds into the scope and the dot adjusts for the distance....good idea....
The Camp Fire / Re: Pa work camp
« Last post by Gutshot on Today at 07:13:55 AM »
Dave, we don't do food plots on public land, the hunters would be on it like flies on poop. The DCNR has put in a few conservation plots around some of the areas where I hunt for the elk, but the deer and turkey like them also, as do all of the hunters that have found them.
The Camp Fire / Re: Farewell to All
« Last post by capttrae on August 14, 2020, 09:19:18 PM »
See you in a few weeks.
The Camp Fire / Re: Farewell to All
« Last post by yari on August 14, 2020, 04:38:26 PM »
are you any relation to the long's in WA state?

well said Z

Yari, if I am I don't know them.  I'm southern born and bred.

we met jim and joan long on vacation many years ago. great folks. jim has since past, but we still talk to joan. they live on one of the islands west of Seattle. if you ever find out you are related, you can use me as a reference --099-780
The Camp Fire / Re: Farewell to All
« Last post by buckone1 on August 14, 2020, 04:14:35 PM »
Be safe Mr Long.
The Camp Fire / Re: Farewell to All
« Last post by ZLong19 on August 14, 2020, 03:52:51 PM »
are you any relation to the long's in WA state?

well said Z

Yari, if I am I don't know them.  I'm southern born and bred.
The Camp Fire / Re: Farewell to All
« Last post by yari on August 14, 2020, 03:37:01 PM »
are you any relation to the long's in WA state?

well said Z
Gear & Equipment / Re: Different Types of Slings
« Last post by BoBallistic on August 14, 2020, 02:26:11 PM »
Deerhead - There must be something wrong with me...I got 31 sling in house here and they all have either the three type of connectors on them plus the two I have in the camper down at the club...I know I can be compulsive most of the time...but what is wrong with me....I also today got in the 4 - 3 shot magazine from that I have 12 - 3 shot and about 10 - 5 shot and a couple of 10 shot magazine, all plastic, that will fit 7 different rifles...maybe 8 or 9 soon (after deer season 2020-2021 ends) that is after a couple of years ago, I started buying extra semi-auto magazines, and then buying range finders and then buying binoculars...yea I agree with me, there is something wrong with me....LOL....

But the last 3 out of 5 rifles I have gotten in 2020 have had the quick connectors, see pix #2, the Bergara has sling connections for both conventional swivels and the quick connectors and the latest Christensen Arm (the small 308) the BA VTAC has both but the Christensen Arms 6.5 PRC does not have the quick connectors, just the conventional swivels connections....The carbon fiber stocks seems to have both types of connectors where the Steyr has the only rifle that I own that has it's own swivels...I have Steyr's and all three have the same type, different from the others....

The first quick connector was the with the Sauer 200, think it was around 1985 or 86, that I bought from Dave (David's Gun Room, Norcross GA) when he called me to see if I was interested in it....later one I added a 25-06 barrel for I have two barrel (calibers) for it a 30-06 and a 25-06....took the 30-06 on two Safaris with me and the 25-06 took my Antelope at 318 (first shot) and 343 (second shot) yards...but the sling quick connectors worked very good on both hunts....


The Camp Fire / Farewell to All
« Last post by ZLong19 on August 14, 2020, 02:23:22 PM »
Good afternoon all!

Instead of just commenting on HM's post, I figured I would write my own farewell to each of you. I haven't been as active as I once was, but I continue to visit and "check in" to see what everyone is up to.

This site has paved the way for me to meet people I otherwise never would have had the opportunity to meet.
I've formed relationships with some that I continue to speak to daily, hourly sometimes. It's created relationships that have been bonded closer than some family.

I met one of my closest friends ever in my life through this site, traveled thousands of miles together, and talked daily, the texts never stopped, and unexpectedly had to carry his casket as we laid him to rest.
Who were the first ones that came to my side during that difficult time? Talkhunting members did. Those guys I still talk with daily. This site is the only reason for such.

After being here for a decade of the dozen years TH has been around this place will always hold a special spot in my heart, forever. Stories I will tell to my kids and hopefully, if God allows, my grandkids, about the men I met here and the miles traveled I hope will brighten up their eyes in the way it has brightened mine.

To each of you, I say so long. If you're on social media you can look me up @ Zach Long. My profile pic is me holding a dead longbeard (go figure  @--0--0105 ).

Until we speak again...

Thank you so, so much for the memories!
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