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2019 Varmint Challenge / Re: Got another
« Last post by Madgomer on Today at 08:38:36 PM »
Well done, she's learned well!
Deer Hunting / Re: Season will be late this year
« Last post by Flintlock1776 on Today at 06:48:36 PM »
All the best for a successful surgery and quick recovery!
2019 Varmint Challenge / Re: Got another
« Last post by sundowner on Today at 05:09:24 PM »
Good job
2019 Varmint Challenge / Re: Got another
« Last post by yari on Today at 04:42:30 PM »
it's been a while since a critter's been claimed. nice work
2019 Varmint Challenge / Got another
« Last post by millers800 on Today at 03:18:09 PM »
Well I was finally able to get a crack at another one, with an assist from the wife. He was sitting in the yard when she got home from work and thankfully she called me instead of getting out of the car and telling me later.
Gear & Equipment / Re: Electronic Ear Plugs?
« Last post by MichiganLouie on Today at 12:10:23 PM »
Roger, I misspelled the name Howard Leighs, by Honeywell electronics. They are available on Amazon in various colors. Prices depend on the color, and prices do jump around. I didn't pay as much as much as what they are asking right now.
Firearm / Re: Precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles
« Last post by yari on Today at 10:14:53 AM »
$1500 would be a tough pill to swallow for an airgun IMO. that is unless there are unlimited resources like you and bo @--0--0105
Firearms / Re: More Info needed on Gravitational Waves
« Last post by BoBallistic on Today at 06:52:00 AM »
Mad - Even though CNN is not the same news station as Ted Turner started out as, today at this household, CNN is never on the TV, I instantly skip over it and go straight to Fox News and Fox Business channels...and of course the local news channels just to check on what happening in our world down here....

This is so funny.....Yes I flinch or used to before I got the 338 Win Mag out of the case at the range, I would start flinching knowing this monster would hut my right shoulder for a few days after shooting it.....This lead me to make my own lead sledge, I called it the "BoSledge" many years ago about 10 to 12 before Caldwell developed there's you can see it in the range photos and how it has deteriorated over the years.....I sort of miss it didn't I as far as developing it myself....LOL....

Yea I think I have been drinking more tea than I need to....Gravitational Waves are so rare as I have learned that they don't worry about them - not yet anyway.....suck it up funny...thanks for the post....LOL....

Gear & Equipment / Re: Electronic Ear Plugs?
« Last post by BoBallistic on Today at 06:34:27 AM »
Flint - Thanks - I will try them as well.....
Firearms / Re: Everybody is Focusing on Long Range Ballistics
« Last post by BoBallistic on Today at 06:00:21 AM »
Today is Range Day for me, will leave the house and head for the range around 3 PM, and meet up with 2 guys from work. These guys are still working for a living, I am on a fixed income and retired!! But will still focus on the short range and will leave home the long range calibers. It is suppose to be cooler today high of 85 F today so not sure how it will effect the crowd.

Will bring anything short range based on the 308 casing, such as a 7mm-08, 308, 260 Rem and 338 Federal, not sure of exactly what I will take right now but have 8 empty cases that I have, will fill 6 of them up and head for the range.....but it getting closer and closer to the season and in one of those cases today will be the smoke pole.....

But will leave home the 270's, 280's and the 30-06's but will considered the 6.5 CM as one I will take with me...but who knows what will be going to the range.... --099-780
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