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Title: Coyote hunt
Post by: [Blocked] on February 14, 2020, 08:45:01 AM
I did get go Coyote hunting last weekend and I set a dozen snares on the place as well. We had some answer our howling and they did move toward our set up. They just would not come that next 200 yds. We figured there were 5-6 in the group guessing of course but they would not come any closer. So we moved making a big circle maybe 1/4 mile and tried again nothing we called for about 30 mins zero. so We packed and drove to the next property over and made a stand- Nothing and the snares have not connected yet so we will wait and try again. Good new is the fellow hasn't heard them cuttin up since we were there.
Title: Re: Coyote hunt
Post by: [Blocked] on February 14, 2020, 08:49:42 AM
I've had about 2 dozen snares out since the beginning of february on my nebraska farms. gotten 4 off of 1 farm. coyotes have been bringing decent money around here
Title: Re: Coyote hunt
Post by: [Blocked] on February 14, 2020, 10:03:51 AM
We just got 3-4 inches of snow Wed evening & now things have turned bitter cold - should be a good time to call here although frankly I just haven't seen much sign of late and haven't been hearing them much at night either.  I have two neighbors now who are shooting them as well, so perhaps we've thinned the pack out, or maybe they just got smart enough to steer clear of the area?  Will give it a try regardless.  They don't let us do snares in IL - and here on the home place I wouldn't try it anyway as we get too many wandering neighbor dogs coming through.  Always wanted to try them out when I was trapping in my younger days.

Can't remember if I shared this or not.  Back before Thanksgiving my sister & her husband came up for a visit.  He was about 10 days removed from his hip replacement.  They brought along the AR I built for them a couple of years ago in case the weather was nice enough for some shooting.  He had it sitting on the wife's buffet in the dining room (she loved that of course) and Saturday morning while we were eating breakfast he spots a yote trotting across the back end of the property.  He jumps up, grabs the AR and a mag, sneaks quickly out the back door onto the deck, rests the rifle on the railing & the yote stopped about 150 yards out.  Then it just fell over (head shot). This all transpired in about 10 seconds. I was watching this from the doorway, turned around and my sister was just shaking her head asking if that was the same husband that just had hip surgery.  It's all about motivation I guess!
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Title: Re: Coyote hunt
Post by: [Blocked] on February 14, 2020, 12:51:36 PM
The weather is changing day and it will be cold here for once this winter for the next couple of days. I going tomorrow evening on another farm maybe they will want to dance there! Monday i am going about a hour down the road to check out a deer kill on my buddy's place if there is anything left. I will take the Fox Pro and give it a try anyway.
Mad-- Snares are great sorry you can't use them they really up the game on fox and coyote. I have used them for years on fox this year is the first year I am trying them on coyote.
Title: Re: Coyote hunt
Post by: [Blocked] on February 14, 2020, 01:37:46 PM
there was a gray fox hit on the way to work. i told my neighbor and he is skinning it out as we speak
Title: Re: Coyote hunt
Post by: [Blocked] on February 18, 2020, 07:47:21 AM
Good luck Bluetoe.

Mad - You should have seen me move when I had a bit of gout when I spotted a litter of pigs.  You have never seen somebody hobble so fast!

Stay on then NWIA!  Glad to hear the prices have gone up.
Title: Re: Coyote hunt
Post by: [Blocked] on February 18, 2020, 10:39:00 AM
We hunted another farm Sat evening and had nothing going on at all.  We moved across the road to another piece of wood along the power line and at least we got to see a big red fox at 457 yds!! So my buddy tried for his personal record and missed by that much!! if the bullet hadn't hit the bank behind it and shower it with dirt that old fox would have stayed right there for another try but when it got showered it scooted out of there like it's butt was on fire!!! No coyotes but we did have some fun.
Title: Re: Coyote hunt
Post by: [Blocked] on February 18, 2020, 01:19:48 PM
that would have been a good poke.
Title: Re: Coyote hunt
Post by: [Blocked] on February 18, 2020, 07:43:22 PM
Blutoe    I have the sme thing going here in Mn. I've called 9 times and called in 2 coyotes but have had them answer my calls 4 times. They swing down wind before they will come in. I have snares out on my property too and have got 4 coyotes but they seem to have disappeared now. Good luck on the calling and let me know if you figure out a trick to get them to come in.