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Title: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 10, 2019, 06:46:23 AM

These little scales were less than $20 delivered off of Amazon, so I put a link (above) for you guys to see them....My Acculab scales went South on me last year sometimes so now have to do my loads to 55.5 instead of 55.55 grains of powder.

Will give these a try in the next few days. Have not even taken the scales out of the original package, just open them up to check to see if they were what they said they be looking for that.

Currently have the RCBS Electronic scale that goes to only one place (55.5). You got to have a back up...I still have a set of the old balance beam scale in a box, have not use it for years and years....but will be looking for a replacement scales for the Acculab's......

Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 10, 2019, 07:34:30 AM
Would be interested in your feedback on it Bo.  Open up that old beam scale for comparison.  My current electronic scale only goes to tenths as well, would like another digit but only if it's accurate.  Read through a bunch of the reviews on this one, seems like accuracy may be an issue.  Sounds like my current one too in that it needs to be powered up for a couple of minutes to stabilize.
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 10, 2019, 07:49:07 AM
My favorite scales are GemPro (as I recall). Some of their mid-priced models go to 2 decimal points. They offer a couple of models that go 3 decimal points which are higher in cost.  Price range between $30.00 - $150.00.
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 10, 2019, 08:02:22 AM
Dutch - Thanks for the reference, I will definitely be looking at the Gem Pro scales for sure......will test out these "Made-in-China" scales and if they don't work out, I'm only out 20 the Gem Pro 300 is on my radar for sure...Thanks again....

Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 10, 2019, 01:02:14 PM
Here's the one that I use , it has a plug in power supply that comes with it besides the batteries for $50 . @--0--0104
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 10, 2019, 01:41:20 PM
Thanks DH!

Sundowner, do you have a link for yours?
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 10, 2019, 03:22:51 PM
Thanks DH!

Sundowner, do you have a link for yours?
put it in
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 19, 2019, 05:32:02 AM
Bought these off of Amazon.....USS-DBS3-2 for about $120. It took a while to get them set up and to read the manual, I read it was I was unpacking them set up and got my own level and level it up and then put a 9V battery in it then plugged it into the wall....The set down transformer is a 110-240VAC ~ to a 9 Volt DC, with 500mA (output) I know what I am dealing with.....I turned it on and set the scale on it and put the 100 gns weight that came with it put it on the plate and it ready exactly 100 gns....

Here hoping that these will last as long as my Acculab Scale did....they went out a couple of years ago, and ever since, I did not have any confidence in the readings I was getting..I was constantly checking and re-checking them to see if they were accurate....if you remember these scales would go to 55.55 gns of powder not just 55.5 but two places....these will do the same so here hoping...will keep you posted on them and how well they work......
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 19, 2019, 09:41:33 AM
bo- this is an honest question. i know you are detail oriented. that being said, do you think going out to hundredths makes that much difference? i guess what i'm asking is, is your/our trigger finger precise enough to see the benefit of 1/100th of a grain?

i use to worry about 'X's' when i was in an archery league. after a while i realized a 10 was a 10. who cares about the X's unless you are an elite shooter. any 10 ring will be a kill shot. back then, i was shooting an onieda screaming eagle. they were very unforgiving compared to today's bows. i still managed a 298 out of 300 shooting 70# w/ an overdraw. it was 15 points higher than any other hunting bow shooter that season and better than a lot of the target bow shooters w/ a 3-4' stabilizer

i digress. do you think .01 grains is significant enough to make a difference for the average shooter?
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 19, 2019, 11:43:06 AM
Bo - in addition to Yari's question, I have another one for you:  The scale displays to the hundredths, but what do you believe it's accuracy is?  I got to looking at scales a couple of weeks ago after you posted about finding a deal on Amazon - - I looked at that one and a bunch of others.  I've lost track of which is which now, but saw a lot of comments which led me to believe that even though a given scale might display two digits behind the decimal point, it wasn't necessarily any more accurate than one which only displayed tenths of grains.  Your thoughts?

My little scale (branded Hornady but looks identical to many others out there) only goes to tenths, and I've learned you have to keep it powered up for a bit (couple of minutes) to get repeatable readings on a given weight (it will wander 1-2 tenths at first).  Sounded like some of the others have similar quirks.  With regards to that shift, it certainly wouldn't be any advantage to have another digit after the decimal point. 
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 19, 2019, 11:46:30 AM
Yari - So of life remains a mystery!! That being said, the new scales will go to the 55.555 places!!! Holy Cow Batman!! I really did not mean to get these, but I will take them....LOL....but they are very sensitive for sure....cannot reload when the AC is running. So it's an early morning task for me.....The air will add 0.002 to .003 to each load...LOL...

Yari - I once read (in print) from a bench rest shooter that the amount of powder doesn't matter for targets under 100 yards!!! I can see his point, it does not matter if you use 55.0 or 55.5 or 55.55 or 55.555 because all you are doing is punching paper at 100 yards...but being a deer hunter, I want to dispatch the animal (any animal) as quick as possible and as humane as possible.....

As you can tell in the attached photos, the first photo is of my old Acculab scales (sometimes they work, sometimes they don't) and next photo shows all three of the latest scales, (the RCBS is the one I used before I got the Acculabs scales) and use the RCBS to do some reloading this year a little. The small pocket size scales I just got in last week and only check them, they are easy to set up don't need a balance bubble for it. It also comes with a 50 g weight and works on two AAA batteries, have installed them and will let you guys/gals know long the batteries last and if they are accurate. They go to to 0.1 places. That should be all you need!

The third pix shot all four weights that have collected from each of the scales shown in pix 2...the RCBS came with a 20g & 30g weight and the Small Pocket Scale came with a 50g weight and the new large Scales came with a 100g weight.....and the last pix show my newest scale that goes to three places, only wanted two places....for the old Acculab scale, I kept a set of tweezers next to it just in case I would have to remove it and put a smaller chuck of powder to make sure....will keep the tweezers around just in case.....

The new scales came in OK but not great, the pan has a couple of dings in it similar to other folks had, and it came with a loose top and four sides. Will put a drop of super glue on each corner and on the top and make it a 5 sided one piece clear cover. It did not have a bubble level that it advertised it had with it, and the feet are adjustable to level it up.....used three levels to level the scale up...then the AC kicked I shut it down until in the morning.....enjoy....

Mad - when I was using my Acculab and they started to go South on me, I would also check the weighed charged again a known (the 30g weight that came with the RCBS. I do have a complete set of weights, but since the big flood cannot find them. They will pop up when I am not looking for them) but you got to believe in something....for example I weight all my bullets that I reload and put down the weights on the back of my reloading sheet...the box may say 165 but how close do each bullet come? Very close, if anything, they will run below 165, say around 164.88 or 164.92 grains and their might be one that goes over 165 but not by I just weighted each weight show in pix three and as they added up I check each weight against itself...I first started out with 20 grains and the new scale read 20.002 gns (and the AC was going then) then I weight the 30 gns that came with the RCBS scale and it read on the new scale 30.001 gns and then I put both the 20 and the 30 gns on the new scale and it read 50.003 gns and then put the 50 gn on the scale by it self and it weight in at 50.001 gns and then put it on with the 20 and 30 and now the 50 gn weights on the scale and they read 100.003 gns and then finally the 100 gn and it read exactly 100 gns after being put on the scale....

I know what you mean by saying what you said, and you might be right or wrong? All of us don't have our reloading scales tested and certified by a lab...LOL... I can see it now.....LOL....

They (reloading scales) all are made in China, I am sure, even the one like mine that saids US Solid....sure its guts are made in China...LOL....but who and what do you believe is base on your experience, and I am sharing some of mine.....

Share you knowledge....Bo   
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 19, 2019, 01:33:01 PM
that's a good point. i think the bullet weight variations would have a more adverse effect on your shooting over 100 yards than the .01 of power. say 165.2 vs 164.88. that seems more significant than hundredths in powder. i may be wrong?
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 19, 2019, 06:12:59 PM
Yari - No you are not wrong.....Most bench rest shooters weight everything. From Bullets to has been a few years (2012) but I posted about a Cooper Varmint that I bought used, it has 420 shots down the barrel and it like the 168 gns Sierra GK rounds...that was probably the time frame that my Acculab Scales were somewhat new. I took the brand new box of 50 pieces of Lapua brass and took 10 pieces of brass that weight close to the same weight. Then I took the bullets and did the same out of a box of 50 Sierra GK and did the same for CCI-BR2 primers. After all of that I reloaded 10 rounds and they all weight with in 2 gns of each other all 10 of them. This took lots of time and you have to do your do-diligence as far as going through hundred of primers and 100 pieces of brass and 50 bullets and weight of powder....

Then I headed to the range with a clean barrel, (Coopers do clean up within 10 Shilen DGA 308 only takes 5 patches to clean up, amazing!) 10 rounds that were very close to the same weight. I took the three closest and burn them into a target at 100 yards (Scan 4), after an hour of letting the barrel cool off, next came a grouping (Scan 5) and so I had fired 6 of the 10 shots. Not bad I thought. Then one week later went back to the range with the same Cooper Rifle and shot 3 more rounds (Scan 6). I had not clean the rifle at all, just put it back into the gun safe...

The final and 10 round came. I shot this deer at 25 yards through the neck and he never took another step....

So Yes the bullet weight is important but I think that the total weight is important as with these new scales, may do the weighting again and hope that it turns out to be a big buck on the wall....
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 19, 2019, 07:04:07 PM
Looks like you have a high degree of repeatability in that Cooper and that batch of ammunition, that's what it's all about!  When you don't however, it's sure maddening to sort out the sources of variation.  I can measure the velocity variations of a 0.1 shift in powder charge (0.1 on roughly a 25 grain .223 charge, so less than a half percent shift) but yeah, at 100 yards it probably doesn't equate to a huge POI shift.  When I'm trying to split hairs, like for a ladder test, I do weigh each individual charge and use both the beam and electronic scale.  When they disagree it does require you to set one as the "master" to believe.
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 19, 2019, 08:08:49 PM
it paid off w/ a nice buck. congrats
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 20, 2019, 01:21:00 AM
Mad - I don't do this to every round I load would take tooooo long to I will choose one of two calibers a year to do this to, just checking, but load up hundreds of rounds per year...I probably shoot 500 round to one shot at one deer...LOL.....What I do it to weight the finish product once I get them all assembled the scale is right there so I will take 3 or the 10 or so rounds that I loaded up and write it down on the sheet somewhere. I don't keep it as a part of my records

Yari - Yes the last of the 10 shots that I loaded up for the Cooper Varmint 308 did end with a nice is another pix of it....

This happen in 2011 not 2012...sorry for the mix up......
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 20, 2019, 09:14:03 AM
nice looking mount
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on July 24, 2019, 05:13:53 AM
The problem with scales is that they weight differently with each power supply....know that the RCBS scales are a little big heavier (by half a grain) when using the 120 VAC than the 9V battery, same goes with the big new scales I got in....the Pocket size has only 2 AA batteries that runs it....but notice this many years ago before I got the Acculab Scales and have always use the 120 VAC plug in on it and it does have a 9V DC slot but have always preferred the 120 VAC over the 9V DC.....

Also have been getting in two sets of weights in for the new and old reloading scales, so think I am covered....LOL....
Title: Re: Reloading Scales
Post by: [Blocked] on August 15, 2019, 05:58:30 AM
Meet a guy last week at the range, that still uses the old Balance Beam RCBS scales for his reloading! Wow, I have two sets of them in a box just in case my other 4 digital scales go sideways...or I lose electricity and trying to reload with any juice!!!