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Title: Range Results 6-13-2019
Post by: [Blocked] on June 14, 2019, 05:55:40 AM
First of off, it was a nice day to go to the range, not too crowded. It was very windy, that is why I limited myself to 100 yards for all targets. I did shoot each of them 2 or 3 times at 50 yards just to make sure I was on paper.

Took the Steyr SBS 20" Heavy Barrel 308 Win. During the flood, the end of the barrel and the rings were rusted, left the rifle in its foam-rubber case after the flood, not know that the water would effect it the way it did. After I got it out and started looking at it, the last 3 to 4" of the barrel was rusted. As an precaution took JB bore cleaner and cleaned the inside of the barrel as well as the outside, got my steel wool and some break free Teflon lubricate and scubbed down the end of the barrel and scope shoot pretty well...not to shabby....

The original Savage Camo in 260 Rem, the load at 50 yard shot through the same hole, so I was pleased but after it got to 100 yards it shot a 2" group which is unacceptable 2" group. Will worked on the load.

Savage-Shilen Model 10 in 260 Rem shot very well at 100 yards but not so good at 50 yards, just the opposite of the Savage Camo 260 Rem....but use the 127 gn Barnes TTSX bullet instead of the 140 gns Nosler BT, use the same primer and same amount/powder as I did on the 140 just expeimenting, but think I will stick with the 127 gn bullet....

Christensen Arms in 6.5 shot OK but will have to take back to the range this summer a few more time before I would consider complete....maybe even have to try a new load, it's OK but not good...Think Hornady is doing the same thing with the 6.5 PRC and the 30 PRC as they did with the 338 Federal, not putting out components for the reloader....have some 143 gn Hornady ELD-X bullets but have no brass to reload them. What I am shooting now is the 143 Gn Factory Loads...that is all that is available at this moment.....would like to get this rifle sighted in at 200 or even 300 yards, the more I study it the more it would move into the long range category of rifles but due to wind and time restraints, I will be taking it to the range more than not this year....

Will be working on the loads this week and will be trying some new loads....

See targets....

Title: Re: Range Results 6-13-2019
Post by: [Blocked] on June 14, 2019, 11:01:36 AM
looks like you are dialing them in. a little more fine tuning and you'll be set

any of these have muzzle breaks? i just read an article that said if you have a muzzle break, you should wear ear plugs PLUS muffs. he was sighting(pun intended) several hearing loss cases from just wearing one or the other. he really didn't advocate muzzle breaks
Title: Re: Range Results 6-13-2019
Post by: [Blocked] on June 14, 2019, 01:46:45 PM
Yari - Thanks for the comments...yes, I'm working on loads now and will even try the 127 gn Barnes TTSX in the Savage Camo next week.....did clean all of them after I got home and put them looks like I'm spending just as much time documenting the range results as I do at the range itself....LOL....have been doing this for a long time now. The actual range time is only half of the time I spend on the targets....

Yest the 6.5 PRC in the Christensen Arms has a Muzzle Brake, but of well over 35 years have been wearing double sets of ear plugs....I wear the foam ear plugs and then have the head phones over them. I noticed it many years ago that on my first AR15 it had a flash suppressor on it. It is a Colt AR A2 bought it from my bother in law well over 40 years ago and when I finally took it to the range and shot it I was surprise how loud it was and from then on wore two sets of plugs for protection for the ears....

The only time I have a hearing problem is "selective hearing" that is what my wife tells me.....most of us know exactly what I mean..... ##$%#117

Title: Re: Range Results 6-13-2019
Post by: [Blocked] on June 14, 2019, 04:17:14 PM
What's that?  Did you say something Dear?   --099-780 Heck, she's worse about that than I am (she will never admit it of course). 

My first AR build has a 20" barrel with no threads, so no flash suppressor. My others are 16" with milspec flash suppressors.  Don't know if it's more due to barrel length or the hardware, but the difference in noise from the shooters viewpoint is considerable.
Title: Re: Range Results 6-13-2019
Post by: [Blocked] on June 14, 2019, 04:28:23 PM
my dad can't hear well at all. I really try my best to protect my hearing because I see his trouble and know how irritating it can be.

I was thinking about putting a break on my .300 or getting a new one w/ a break. after researching, I decided my hearing is more important than the extra recoil. hunting situations don't always give you time for hearing protection

as an aside, anyone use the walker game ear muffs? I have the ear buds, but considering the muffs
Title: Re: Range Results 6-13-2019
Post by: [Blocked] on June 14, 2019, 10:21:40 PM
I've been seriously considering the Walker ear buds - haven't used their muffs but thinking the ear buds would be better for hunting.  I have a regular pair of "dumb muffs" (no electronics, no noise cancellation) that I use when target shooting and running equipment, sometimes with foam ear plugs as well, but just feel like some extra enhancement when in the woods plus the benefit of some noise control when taking the shot would be worth considering.  Have been reading the reviews - they seem mixed, most of the complaints are about battery life and wind noise.  I currently don't use any hearing protection when hunting other than dove hunting.
Title: Re: Range Results 6-13-2019
Post by: [Blocked] on June 14, 2019, 10:47:16 PM
I have started using a Howard Leigh impact plus muffs for target practice.  They are small enough that they don't seem to interfere with the rifle stock.  Great with pistols and obviously you can hear normal conersation very well. I bought a 2nd one for turkey hunting and it worked out very well.
Title: Re: Range Results 6-13-2019
Post by: [Blocked] on June 15, 2019, 08:01:24 AM
mad- the ear buds do get a lot of wind noise, at least the old one I use. it's probably 10 years old. that's one of the main reasons I seldom wear it. I would hope they solved that issue by now, but maybe not? it does really help, but your 'depth perception is way out of wack. things are 3-4 times further that you think they would be. there is a learning curve
Title: Re: Range Results 6-13-2019
Post by: [Blocked] on June 15, 2019, 12:32:31 PM
Mad - Just got in a box of 500 pair of Howard Leight (by Honeywell) MAX-1 and they have a SNR ration of 37 (the higher the number the better) I use the MAX-1 as my base pair then I put a set of muffs over them so I try to have double protection....been getting the ear plugs at work but since I have retired, it is time to get my own, the best I can afford and use with the muffs over the ear plugs really helps me protect my hearing....except from the wifey!!  ##$%#117

Will take down about 50 pairs and put them in the hunting camper just in case someone will come down there and want to shoot and forget their hearing protection, these MAX will save you hearing protection for sure.....(Split Toe, Deerhead, Metalman, Jap51 and Cobbguy will bring them down on work weekend and put them above the sink when you walk directly into the camper they will be in the bind in front of you. You will see them when you walk into the camper).

I use the muffs over the ear plugs and always forget the replacement batteries. So wearing the ear plugs and the muffs is the best I can do for now....and with everyone with a AR style rifle at the range now, you are certainly going to get those "pops of noise" for sure even if you are 3 to 4 positions from the source of the shooting......

Forgot to put the weather conditions down for the range results, Thursday at 4:30 PM is was 77.3 degrees F, Humidity was 46.6%, BP was 30.15 (Steady), winds were 4 to 13 mph from the front left shoulder to my back right I would say about a 30 degree angle from dead center.....and the winds were gusting at time to over 22 mph.....
. Took on more reading before I left the range around 7 PM, the temp was at 73 degrees, the humidity was down to 42%, the BP was 30.15 (again) and did not take any wind readings....then we went to have Mexican and discussed our shooting....