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Title: Albino Turkey
Post by: [Blocked] on April 16, 2019, 05:27:14 AM

The Turkey of a lifetime! Albino Turkey!! Wow,

Rutherford County is located about an hour to a hour and a half Southeast of Nashville if you are interested......
Title: Re: Albino Turkey
Post by: [Blocked] on April 16, 2019, 06:25:03 AM
Beautiful bird!!
Title: Re: Albino Turkey
Post by: [Blocked] on April 16, 2019, 06:54:55 AM
I would have left it walk but, that is just me...........
Title: Re: Albino Turkey
Post by: [Blocked] on April 16, 2019, 11:57:52 AM
Great looking bird .  ##$%#1118
Title: Re: Albino Turkey
Post by: [Blocked] on April 16, 2019, 03:43:37 PM
I wouldn't hesitate to hang a tag on that dude, well done.  One of the bro-in-law's neighbors killed a white bird a couple of years ago just north of his place.  It was not an albino, just a white turkey.  I've never seen one in the woods, seems like it would be a struggle to escape from the predators standing out like that.
Title: Re: Albino Turkey
Post by: [Blocked] on April 16, 2019, 04:33:45 PM
looks like it got out of one of the coops around here. if it did, it will sure eat better @--0--0105
Title: Re: Albino Turkey
Post by: [Blocked] on April 16, 2019, 07:58:00 PM
Heck yeah, you might even be able to eat the drumsticks!
Title: Re: Albino Turkey
Post by: [Blocked] on April 18, 2019, 07:26:16 AM
The question is: do you let it walk? - Flint says that he would....I once saw a small you deer with a bunch of white all over his body, he wasn't a full white deer, but you could see him certainly move through the woods....I did let him walk, that was back in the early 80's....then a few years later in Monticello, GA saw a fully white mounted doe in a store window...Wow....

I don't know if I would have let this bird walk or not....yes it was a beautiful bird.....While on one of early 90's ELK-Mule Deer hunts in Colorado near Durango, did see an almost white Meriam Turkey...should have taken a picture of it, but the birds was so close to me that I could have grabbed on with my hands and then the bird would have tore me up...LOL....The fight would have been on and this guy would have been on the losing side of that battle...LOL....

The day I shot my 14 pointer was the Sunday morning after Thanksgiving the year was 1981 or 82 and was hunting for a white fox squirrel with a black mask that I had seen several times while deer hunting...I had 4 deer in the freezer (used my two tags first then used my Dad's Tags on two deer) Wasn't even looking for another deer was focus on that white fox squirrel.....I had only my 270 Win, a 308 Win and a 30-06 with me for that hunt. What round would go through the squirrel without tearing him up? So I did some thinking and looking and picked out the Weatherby Vanguard 30-06 and use the 55 gn Accelerators from Remington (yes they did make that round in 06 and in 308 and surprisingly the 30-30...(I know because I have boxes for all three calibers, still have them in my factory ammo can) It was the smallest bullet and obviously the fastest round I had on me at the time. So I loaded up 4 rounds the first two rounds that I loaded up was the 165 Gn Sierra Gamekings (would have been shots 3 and 4) and the last two in was the 55 gn Remington Accelerators (would have been shots 1 and 2) about 9:20 AM the wind change directions and within 20 minutes of the wind change here comes this big deer headed my way...(I use my Kmart purchased Jason binos that I have bought a couple of years earlier) saw him a 500 to 600 yards away...he was angling towards me, when he got to 175 yards he stopped for a second and that is when I nailed him...had to removed the two 55 gn Accelerators in order to get to the 165 gn Sierra took just one shot and he was down and now on my wall....

It just goes to show you that you go hunting for one thing and wind up with another trophy....