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Title: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 04, 2017, 06:32:53 AM
Its September Already and it time to get out the old deer rifle, dust it off, clean it, clean the optics, check your ammo....and head to the range or where you check out your rifle...if I may suggest that you go out and buy some different ammo unless your factory ammo shoots under a 1/2" group at 100 yards...if it shoots 2" or larger, its time to check out some new seems like ammo manufacturers and rifle manufactures are talking these days and factory ammo and factory rifles are getting better and better....

Go ahead and start looking at your current ammo and take a visit to your big box store or your local gun shop to check out what is might want to check out some new scope while you are there. Despite the new knee, have been in the gun room almost daily to do some cleaning, reloading and make sure all the screws are tight and torqued down...

The time to do this is is Labor Day the season will be hear and gone before you know not wait till the last minute to check things out. Will start going to the range on a weekly of twice a week....and will post the results here on TH....

I thought it would take longer for the season to get here but in a blink of an eye it will be Feb. 2018 and the season will be over when you start looking for Valentine's Day cards so your sweety will not forget you....because you forgot her during the deer season...LOL...

While you are getting the firearm in shape, get out your hunting clothes, your rain gear and cold weather gear. Just put some hand warmers in my backpack yesterday just in case....Many years ago made a list and keep adding to is almost two pages long. Just a check list so I don't forget anything....
Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 04, 2017, 08:44:26 AM
The firearms and GO Bag are within arms reach and ready to head out at all times just in case an emergency hunt pops up. With the cool temps and the smell of fall in the air, you never know. Good tips there Bo, it's always good to have a list and check it twice, I only have one page and it starts and ends with TP.  --099-780
Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 04, 2017, 08:53:25 AM
what happened to summer? i'm checking cams at my dad's place today. stand prep, check the poor man plot and shoot the bow. then feed bag w/ some steaks on the grill. it will bw a busy day
Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 05, 2017, 12:52:53 AM
been loading fresh ammo for a month for 2 rifles 223 and 270 ruger. spotlighting will start  in a week, bow season the 30th,about 7 weeks long then fall turkey,then 2 weeks deer,5 days buck,then 7 days combined buck and doe.
Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 05, 2017, 06:43:44 AM
Yes, I know....the Weather man/gal...LOL...says we are going to get down near 50 for the rest of the week after this front comes through.....and heading to the range tomorrow afternoon and will probably start going twice a week as part of my on-going therapy for my left knee....LOL...but it will be good to return to the range once again....The Deer season, range time and cooler weather are coming, oh yea, TN won against GT last night, it took two overtimes for the win, TN was expected to win big, but the looked flat the first half...

But like PA, have been reloading, sizing brass and prepping cases for several 308's, 270 Win 270 WSM, 280 Rem and 280 AI and 6.5 Creedmoor, making sure I have enough ammo to check out the rifles at 200 and 300 and even 600 yards....may try to squeeze in a few trips to the 600 yard range. Yesterday, took out 4 of the 5 muzzle loaders and laid them out and started check them out...smoke pole season is only about 6 weeks out!!! Got to take them to the range with me as well....

Will try and have the 26 Nosler ready for the woods this year, will no promise anything. Have the Nosler Brass prep up ready to start reloading today (this afternoon) or tomorrow morning...Have a couple of Remington Long action bases that are not long enough, Ordered a Ken Farrell Base  Picatinny rail base for it. but still working on the 26 Nosler.....

Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 05, 2017, 06:05:57 PM
Good advise Bo I am ready!!! If they cut the corn I'll be hunting resident geese next Sat fingers are crossed  @--0--0118
Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 05, 2017, 08:18:39 PM
The weather here has been absolutely beautiful recently - we really got spoiled with August this year.  For the farmers around here though, it will be some weeks before they get after the corn.  I guess the cool weather has slowed the drydown process quite a bit, and with the price of grain being in the tank they really can't afford to burn a bunch of LP drying it after the harvest.  Beans are just starting to turn yellow, no leaves dropping yet though.

Seeing a few deer, but they'll continue to spend most of their time in the standing corn until forced out by the combines.  Oct 1 is our bow opener, but I selfishly am OK to see a delay in the corn harvest, as I still have a ways to go with my shoulder rehab before I will feel good with the bow again.  I shot four arrows yesterday from the deck - first shots I've taken all year.  All were good shots at 20 yds, but in an ideal situation.  I know if I'm up in a tree trying to be smooth and stealthy it will be a lot more challenging, just gotta keep working on it.  Progress has been good since the shot last month and a lot of therapy, but not quite enough yet. 

Got woken up by yotes this morning at 4:45, they were right outside the house.  Grabbed a light & checked north & west sides, didn't see anything, but went downstairs & saw one trotting across the yard not 50' off the deck.  Came home tonight & got the new digital night vision scope sighted in finally - will keep it handy in case they start yipping again in the morning.

Yep, it's that time, got the itch to get out after it - seems like it is always a fun time, like waiting for Christmas!
Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 05, 2017, 09:30:51 PM
heading out tommorrow with 270 ruger and savage223
Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 06, 2017, 06:12:53 AM
It's good to hear folks are getting ready for the season....stirring a bit and slowly getting ready...Normally I start getting ready around July 4th weekend...but the new left knee has kept me home some, this year so far. But Like PA - heading to the range this afternoon and will post the range results.....

Mad - Thanks for the report and good luck this year, yes take your time and get the shoulder well before you drag big boy will need help....Glad that you bow is still on from last year....
Blue - Are you using a 10 or 12 on the Geese ?? I had to use 3" high brass shells on the Geese when I hunted them down in Baton Rouge...LOL...oh my shoulder....
PA - Go to hear you are headed out this today to the range...let us all know how you do....

Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 06, 2017, 06:42:26 AM
Got my Fall plots in two weeks ago at our club.  Ahead of the Harvey rain that came in.  Time to get my bow out and get it and me ready.  Bow season starts this Saturday.

Wonder if I should wait on the Powerplant behind the house.  Wait until a frost kills it, Oct, Nov here or plant my Fall plot there end of Sept??

Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 06, 2017, 07:11:49 PM
PJ, I only planted Powerplant once, but would certainly do it again.  That stuff came in thick and tall.  We had a freak early snowstorm that year in mid November, really heavy wet stuff, about 10".  It knocked it all down (was all dry and brown by then) but the deer still kept hammering it until every last bean was gone.  I shot a big doe off of it in January in the last weekend of our muzzleloader season.  If you have a good stand, I'd let it go until the deer have cleaned it out before planting another plot over it.

For mine, once I got a few dry sunny days in the spring I burned it off rather than trying to disk it or shred it with the mower - made the ground work pretty easy for the next plot.
Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 08, 2017, 06:53:03 AM
i was nor able to get out copd
Title: Re: Its September Already
Post by: [Blocked] on September 08, 2017, 12:05:43 PM
That's too bad PA, hope you can get out soon.  Lots of respiratory/allergy stuff going on here - the ragweed pollen is really bad in this area around Labor Day every year, lots of sniffling and coughing for everyone.